27 Aug 2014

Week 4 MTC

Elders Eady, Teal & Dastrup

Elders Dastrup and Peel

Elder Peel

Question from DAD - How are you , highlight of your week?

"Hey! Just now when we were in the temple probably. I've really come to love my time in the Celestial room. I really feel like when I pray and ask for revelation and then open the scriptures I receive direct answers for me. Today I randomly opened to 2 Nephi 2, read the first verse and you'll see what I mean. 

As we left the Celestial room, President Murray asked me and Elder Heath (from Birmingham, going to Alpine Mission) to help with sealings. It was really good, and it was his first time so he enjoyed it a lot. 

I've become close friends with a lot of the German Elders, it's going to be so strange when they leave in two weeks time! One Elder, Elder Lyman has a section in D&C that's about his great great great grandad, which is quite interesting. There's also a line in the Prophet of the Restoration where Joseph Smith asks, "do you know how to use a hammer Lyman", so I've taken to asking him if he knows how to use whatever object he's using at the time. We have a lot of fun! 

Oh also, this week we had interviews with the MTC President. He told me I'm a great zone leader and that it'll be a sad day for him when I leave. He's so great, we had our Priesthood lesson with him on Sunday about the organisation of the First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve and the Seventies. It's great to be taught by someone with so much knowledge and experience. 

 I saw the missionaries from Oldham yesterday! Or it may have been Monday actually. They were at the temple and came over to say hi, it was good to see them, especially Elder Cueva! 

This week we had our first experience of a practice lesson where we had to do a door approach and actually get in the house rather than showing up for a prearranged lesson. They have rooms set up like people's living rooms, and the teachers play roles as investigators (Greek of course), so we use an Area Book and teaching Records and plan for them like we will in the field. It's really good actually, it's strange because Elder Kwok and I have gotten really attached to one of our investigators, Kostas. He's doing really well but he has health issues, and it'll be so sad if he cant make his baptismal date that we set. it sounds silly because he's not a real person, he's a character played by our teacher Brother Gibbons, but he's based off a real person that Brother Gibbons taught in Greece. 

He's such an amazing teacher, he's so sincere and loving. If you ever meet him (he's in the Leeds YSA ward), tell him how great he is from me. 

In the TRC rooms (Teaching Resource Centre), which are the mock-up living rooms, they have a camera that records the lesson, and we can watch it back afterwards to see where we could improve and what we did well. it's such a good system."

"I slew Goliath" - Elder Dastrup is 6'7" !

Sections of email to Mum

"We went finding on Thursday in Manchester on Deansgate! It was so weird being in Manchester as a missionary we met a few crazy people, some rude people and some nice ones as well, and we gave a Book of Mormon to a young guy who seemed interested in the church, but I think it was mainly academically." 

How are you getting on with your zone and district?
"Yeah we're doing great, we get along really well. Last week we organised a zone football match on P Day, and we're doing the same again today. "

How's the Greek?
"The teaching is going great! I'm at the point now where I don't have to plan the exact things I'm going to say beforehand now, I just go in knowing what we want to teach and what we want the investigator to know by the end of our visit, and rely on my Greek to see us through the lesson."

                                  Elders Lyman & Jensen                              Elder Kwok

A couple of sections from a letter we received this week.

Doctrine and Covenants (D&C) section 88 can be found HERE

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