2 Aug 2014

The Missionary Training Experience

The England Missionary Training Centre (MTC) has its own Facebook page to keep families in touch with there Missionaries.

On day one, this picture was uploaded by the MTC with Elder Teal obviously happy and enjoying himself.

Later in the evening, after this was taken the missionaries were assigned into companionship's.
The missionary to Elder Teal's left, Elder Kwok, is now his companion.

Mission life is structured so that missionaries are always in twos,
this provides a constant support system and also protection.

2 - 3 companionship's form a district, with one of the Elders assigned as the District Leader.

A few districts form a Zone, with a companionship of Elders assigned as Zone Leaders.

In the "Real World" A Zone is defined as a geographical area, in the MTC it is slightly different with the Kimball Zone being defined as all the missionary districts learning a new language (Greek and German)

Today we received a brief letter from Elder Teal reassuring us he had settled in and was enjoying himself and explaining that Elder Kwok and he, had been interviewed by the MTC President and assigned as the Zone Leaders for Kimball Zone

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