20 Aug 2014

Week 3 MTC

The only thing that beats an email from your missionary, is one that has pictures attached !


Email day is a eagerly awaited by us at home We text each other to say when one has got an email and then end up stopping what ever we are doing. I found myself parked in a garden center car park to reply and read emails !

With Sending pictures it reduced time to write !

Some e-mail excerpts

How has your week been ?
My week has been good, if tiring. The days are long and busy, and it's hard to stay motivated all the time in long periods of self-guided study. I can converse pretty well now (at least about gospel topics) without cards or anything, so I'm really pleased. This week I learnt the first vision in greek, so now i can recite both that and the baptismal commitment!

How is everyone doing ?
The homesickness has worn off for most now, its just starting to wear on people with the busy schedule and long days. It's crazy that we have another 6 weeks yet! We get on really well with the german districts as well 

What did you think of your results?
I was so happy with them, I didn't expect to do so well! I was hoping to scrape 3 As!

Letters, a couple of excerpts from letters we have received this week.

All the pictures we have received have been uploaded to a Onedrive account that you can look at. 
Click on the "Photo Album"picture link below. This link is also on the right hand sidebar for future reference. We will keep adding to it as time goes on.

photo album

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