23 Aug 2014

Family Thoughts - Sophia Deighton

For every full time missionary there is a network of "support staff" at home called THE FAMILY.

As the mostly unseen face of missionary work, family members write letters of support, send packages of goodies and bore their family and friends about what "their" missionary is doing. 

Currently assigned to the Greece Athens Mission and at the MTC now with Elder Teal is Elder Deighton.
His very talented sister put together her thoughts about her brothers service. If you only watch one YouTube video today, make sure its this one !

Sophia Deighton..

1 comment:

Rampaw said...

Sophia, after hearing you tell us about your brother today, we had to find your video and see for ourselves. What a great family you have! Your brother truly is wise when he said "love your family." It's a great story. Thanks for sharing with the world.
The Croslands

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