15 Aug 2014

Week 2 MTC

From an email sent on Wednesday in response to the question:
What was the highlight of the week ?

"This week's highlight was on Sunday evening. We had a Zone Devotional with a broadcast (not live) of Elder Anderson at Provo. The actual devotional wasn't amazing, but afterwards I lead a discussion about it. Nobody really had anything to say, so I had to come up with loads of stuff to say myself to fill half an hour. People started to raise points and it was really good, there's such a strong sense of unity in the zone, and camaraderie between the greeks and germans. Afterwards I bore my testimony in greek and i was able to say everything that i would want to say in a testimony, based on the 5 key things. I felt really pleased with it afterwards, and the MTC presidency all came to me and said what a good meeting it had been."

Two sections of letters sent home during the week

In response to telling him we had links to Elder Peel and Sister Huby's blogs on here 
(see to the right)

Although Missionaries in the training center only get to email on their Preparation day (P-day) They get time to read and write letters during each day. We have really noticed a change in Elder Teal already. His experiences are bringing out the best in him. There have been times when his responses and comments have come as a surprise.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog. It is different than the other blogs we have a hand in, as this is more editorial, rather than it being published emails sent home.  We are picking out bits to share and adding our experiences too. This may change over the months.

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