14 Aug 2014

A Care Package from Home

No we haven't gone mad as a family and started to learn Greek.
 Elder Teal may be learning Greek, but it's his third language as Maths is his Second! 
For those not conversant in Maths allow me to explain, from the top.

The square root of -1 is i
2 cubed is 8
S(Sigma) is Sum
p is Pi

Put it all together "i 8 sum pi and it was delicious"

This week we sent Elder Teal a Cherry Pie, his favourite, bubble wrapped and boxed, with these pictures in the package. He should have receive it in time, to celebrate his A level results that he got today.

Physics A*
Chemistry A*
Maths A
Further Maths A

This means he has the results he needs, to accept his deferred place on a Aeronautical Engineering, Masters degree course at Manchester University. We are proud of his success and impressed he has decided to put a promising career on hold, to follow his heart for 2 years.

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