23 Sep 2015

Week 60

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This week Elder Teal and Elder Dixon had the privilege of being involved in the baptisms of two men they had been teaching. They each baptised one. There are 6 in the water as each baptism has to be witnessed by two other priesthood holders.

After the highs of the Baptism on Saturday night, Sunday was a little sadder as Elder Teal had to say goodbye to his friends in Larnaca Branch. It was his last Sunday before a transfer back to Athens on Wednesday. He has been assigned to serve as one of President Heder's two assistants, or APs.

I'll be leaving on Wednesday for Athens, where I'll be serving with Elder Klestrup as an AP. I'm excited to go but sad to leave, but at the same time I feel like I've done my work here and it's time to leave it for other people to carry on! And Elder Dixon will be staying, so the branch is in safe hands

"The new ZLs will be Elder Dixon and Elder Deighton, together here in Larnaca. 
It seems I was the last of the one man ZLs!

I think the APs live in the old apartment of the Everitt's, which is really nice!

APs also help the President with his scheduling, meetings, training missionaries and that sort of thing. And they have a car! A little bit nervous to be honest, but I think I'll be okay. The car is an automatic so it should be easy, but it's on the wrong side of the road! Elder Klestrup drives as well so I can just do a bit at a time until I get used to it.

I'm excited too!"


^ Two new Branch Members ^ 





14 Sep 2015

Week 59 Larnaca


What are you doing today? 
Today is a day for the Lord.
What does it mean to you?

This weeks white-boarding message, both pictures thanks to Panayiotis.

"It was a really great week! We had the sand storm yeah, well it wasn't so much a sand storm as a big cloud of dust that got collected in Syria and dumped on Cyprus. We had 2 or 3 days when we weren't out and about in the street, but we were able to get lifts from the Jacobsen's and from Panayiotis, and it didn't slow us down at all as we were able to fill our days with helpful activities anyway!"

"E. and R. will both have their baptismal interviews on Wednesday, and will hopefully both be baptised on Saturday! We're really excited! And yesterday Pavlos brought his sister M. to church as well as her 14 year old son M., so altogether we had 7 Cypriots which was fantastic!"

"Great to hear about the homecoming talks this week! In sacrament meeting yesterday we finished 15 minutes early and I was conducting, so I gave an impromptu talk about prayer and scripture study with examples from the New Testament and Book of Mormon, I actually really enjoyed doing it.
we.... speak in English here in the branch, as the majority don't know Greek (we have translation equipment for Greek). But to be honest I'm actually better at talking about the Gospel a lot of the time in Greek, and am always aware of the brokenness of my English when I give a talk now! It was funny because I only had my scriptures in Greek with me, so I read some from them and then had Elder Dixon run up to the stand with English scriptures"

"And then either Sister Indelicato does the translation or I do, depending on if I'm conducting or not."

"We had a really amazing lesson with R. where we taught about the temple and then watched the DVD about the restoration. I loved the opportunity to bear testimony afterwards about how the restoration means that I can be with my family forever, and how grateful I am for that."

"Okay I'm gonna get going now! Have a great day and a better week, I love you all! Hopefully I'll have pictures from two baptisms to send next Monday!"

Last weeks P-day visit to .....

"Some from the mosque we visited on Monday 
(I absolutely loved not wearing my shoes inside on the carpet)"
Its the little things, like walking on carpet for the first time since being in Greece/Cyprus !

The normal blue skies were gone in Larnaca this week due to dust clouds.

"The dust apocalypse"

"The sky above the lake isn't dark and grey because of clouds 
(they don't know what clouds are here), it's dust making the sky dark"

A surface in the flat

"The salt lake here in Larnaca, it's dried out at the minute so you can see all of the salt."

"We had a lesson with R. We taught about temple work, eternal marriage and family history and it was one of the best lessons of my mission. R absolutely loved it and he had perfect questions at every point of the lesson."

12 Sep 2015

Week 58 Larnaca

"Elder Dixon hiding behind his birthday wrapping paper."

"Hi! It's been a good week, and I really can't put into words how fast the time is going. Every time I sit down to write emails I feel like I just did it 10 minutes ago, and I can never think of something knew to tell you all!"

"E. and R. are both progressing well, they have baptismal dates for the 26th and 19th of September respectively, and everything is on track for those dates! E. was at church for Sacrament yesterday and R. arrived a little later, very tired as he worked the night before and finished at 7am!"

"It seems like a lot has gone on at home this week! Rachel sent me a couple of photos of her with Toby, they look happy! Ha ha it has passed really quick since he left, it's strange to think that he's back there now! "

Elder Teals older sister meeting her boyfriend Toby, straight after he was released from his Missionary service in the England London Mission (his blog is HERE)

"Cyprus is a big island. But to be fair, in Paphos for example which is a smaller town, almost every single door has been knocked by missionaries at some point! And we do sometimes meet people that recognize us, but it's a lot less common that it was when we did contacting in Manchester from the MTC for example. Most people think we're Jehovah's Witnesses."

"It's still hot! I never know exactly what the temperature is as we never see a thermometer, but it's definitely hot."

"I had an exchange with Elder Fagg this week, he's doing great!"

"The music on the last pendrive is great, and Elder Dixon got two CDs for his birthday as well which are good"

Elder Dixon Exercising 

"Our Desks, Elder Dixon's is the one without a picture of our family !"

"Planning board"

"Sweet potato chips"

1 Sep 2015

Week 57 Larnaca

It's been a good week, its passed really quickly as usual.
 Looks like you had fun in St. Andrews and that's great how you met the new Elders parents.
 We had a couple of lessons with P's father which were really nice, but he's in an old people's home and is very frail so probably won't be able to come to church.

We also saw President this week for special training about the bikes, and for interviews which were good as well....as of now the bike maintenance will be the responsibility of missionaries so we were trained how to do different things like oil the chain, patch a flat tyre, change the tyre and things like that. It's how they do it in other missions in the world.

Europa Fountain, Favoured spot for white boarding


We found a lady who said she's searching for the truth, she took a copy of The Book of Mormon and gave us her phone number so it seemed promising. 

We had a lesson with E. We taught about the Word of Wisdom and it went well. He said that when he prays and comes to church he feels good. 

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