23 Sep 2015

Week 60

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This week Elder Teal and Elder Dixon had the privilege of being involved in the baptisms of two men they had been teaching. They each baptised one. There are 6 in the water as each baptism has to be witnessed by two other priesthood holders.

After the highs of the Baptism on Saturday night, Sunday was a little sadder as Elder Teal had to say goodbye to his friends in Larnaca Branch. It was his last Sunday before a transfer back to Athens on Wednesday. He has been assigned to serve as one of President Heder's two assistants, or APs.

I'll be leaving on Wednesday for Athens, where I'll be serving with Elder Klestrup as an AP. I'm excited to go but sad to leave, but at the same time I feel like I've done my work here and it's time to leave it for other people to carry on! And Elder Dixon will be staying, so the branch is in safe hands

"The new ZLs will be Elder Dixon and Elder Deighton, together here in Larnaca. 
It seems I was the last of the one man ZLs!

I think the APs live in the old apartment of the Everitt's, which is really nice!

APs also help the President with his scheduling, meetings, training missionaries and that sort of thing. And they have a car! A little bit nervous to be honest, but I think I'll be okay. The car is an automatic so it should be easy, but it's on the wrong side of the road! Elder Klestrup drives as well so I can just do a bit at a time until I get used to it.

I'm excited too!"


^ Two new Branch Members ^ 





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