31 Jul 2014

And so it begins...

This morning we dropped Elder Teal of at the Missionary Training Centre MTC.
With the exception of two skype calls each year (Christmas & Mothers Day) our only communication 
with him now will be via email or letter. 
This seems harsh but there are good reasons, it will help him focus and in doing so he will be less home sick.

As we expected it was a hard morning, but we are all happy that he is doing what he feels he should.
You cant beat being in the right place at the right time.

Teal Family outside the MTC

Dad, Elder Teal, Mum

Happy Elder Teal (Greek flag in the background)




1-30pm Update... Elder Teal has sent us his first email

Hey, they want us to email home to let parents know we arrived safely, so yeah, I made it inside from the car park.

Everything has been great so far, I have my badge and I've had interviews with a member of the MTC presidency and the medical guy, which went fine.

I've unpacked in my room, I'm in with six other guys that are going to Greece, including Elder Eady and a guy from Essex called Elder Dixon. I don't have a companion yet, that will be assigned this evening.

We had sandwiches for lunch in the cafeteria, and it was nice. I'm struggling to find things to talk about really because it's only about 3 hours since I saw you!

I think I'm going to love it in the MTC, everyone is so nice and we're all here for the same purpose. I'm not sure yet when P Day will be so I don't know when I'll next be able to email, but I should be able to stay online for a little while now if you want to reply. Tell the girls they can email me for the next 15 minutes or so as well.

I probably won't be able to reply to all my friends and things now, but if you could put something on facebook telling them that I'll reply to emails on the next P Day that would be good. I'll do a group email that anyone who wants to be can be copied into, and some people I'll reply to individually. You can put the group one on the blog too if you want, and feel free to put this one on as well.

All my love,
Elder Teal

Elder Teal can be contacted by anyone via email


Don't be offended if you dont get an instant reply his computer access time is limited 

30 Jul 2014

Setting Apart

The last step to becoming a missionary is to be "Set Apart" This term refers to a priesthood leader that has been authorized by the Prophet placing his hands on the young Mans head and officially "setting him apart" from the world as an ordained minister and teacher. 

This is how Jesus authorised his original 12 apostles to go out and preach. 

Elder Teal is now officially a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

All that is required now is to be dropped of at the Missionary Training Centre

Tonight was a bitter sweat occasion for a parent. Immense pride in a son that has lived in such a way to make himself eligible to serve, but sadness at knowing it is now so close to him leaving home for 2 years.

Those that know missionaries may spot that the name tag Elder Teal is wearing is the older style church logo.. That is because when I (Dad) came home from my mission 25 years ago, I put this tag away for this very night for Elder Teal 2 to wear. 

Back home with Jessie and Max

29 Jul 2014

Open House

Monday the 28th of July.. Countdown 3 days to go before departure... We held an open house at our home for people to pop in and say goodbye before Elder Teal leaves.


We were overwhelmed that over a hundred people came, 
we were also glad it was warm and sunny so we could use the garden !

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