30 Jul 2014

Setting Apart

The last step to becoming a missionary is to be "Set Apart" This term refers to a priesthood leader that has been authorized by the Prophet placing his hands on the young Mans head and officially "setting him apart" from the world as an ordained minister and teacher. 

This is how Jesus authorised his original 12 apostles to go out and preach. 

Elder Teal is now officially a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

All that is required now is to be dropped of at the Missionary Training Centre

Tonight was a bitter sweat occasion for a parent. Immense pride in a son that has lived in such a way to make himself eligible to serve, but sadness at knowing it is now so close to him leaving home for 2 years.

Those that know missionaries may spot that the name tag Elder Teal is wearing is the older style church logo.. That is because when I (Dad) came home from my mission 25 years ago, I put this tag away for this very night for Elder Teal 2 to wear. 

Back home with Jessie and Max

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