14 Feb 2016

Preparing to enter the MTC

I have been blessed with great examples of priesthood leadership in my life. Right up there with the best, is President Robert Preston. A man with unending amounts of love and humour. He has been our families Stake President and the President of the England Manchester Mission, (his and our home mission) 
He now serves along with his wife, as the President of the Preston England Missionary Training Center. He has met, loved and guided literally hundreds of missionaries. It was hard when looking though his Facebook pictures to find one without a missionary between the two of them! 
Despite these vast numbers, he still takes time to ask how our son Elder Teal is doing each time we meet. 

I asked if he would share some thoughts about preparing to serve a mission...

President Preston, If you get a brief moment could you offer some advice we could share 
with missionaries about to enter the MTC?

What would you have them bring, in an attitude sense not luggage?

Is there some things they should study to prepare them for the Missionary Training Center?

How do you feel about your role as an MTC president.

I'm sure many people would find your thoughts informative and helpful .

"So here goes, I have few mins before our evening "leavers testimony mtg"

What to bring in?  Clean hands and a pure heart! Sadly I have too many conversations with missionaries who have not FULLY resolved pre-mission issues to do with the law of chastity [inc pornography] and I'm sure I don't catch them all, I know there must be many who carry this guilt into their missions with them and then sooner or later need a conversation with their Mission President. Far better to clear these matters up before they enter the MTC!

Study? This is easy! the scriptures especially the Book of Mormon and if possible at least to become familiar with preach my gospel.

How do we feel about our roles? I deliberately say "we" because there is no way I could function here without Sister Preston! We feel incredibly blessed, privileged and honoured [and tired sometimes] to live with these extraordinary young people. They love us nearly as much as we love them. They never cease to amaze us by their courage, faith, optimism and diligence - Some need to learn a little more obedience here :) I'll leave it there - 

I so far have 2 full A4 journals devoted to this assignment .. and counting so I'll be brief and leave it at that -
Hope this helps!!  xx"

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