5 Feb 2016

Week 79

Above Elder Peel and Elder Teal, but taken while they were at the MTC together. 
Sunday 31/2/2016 was their 18 months of service mark. 
The picture below taken last week, together as companions.

"Yeah it's been 18 whole months! It's gone so quickly, it's crazy! Only 6 months left now, and I've started to feel it, I feel like I want to do the absolute best that I can (not that I've not been trying to for the last 18 months!), and make the best use of the rest of the time that I have here."

"The MLC (Mission Leadership Council)  was really good, we had a great meeting and were able to discuss a lot. We have such good missionaries here and a really good group of leaders. We led some parts of the discussion and I delivered a short training about the relationship between faith and hope as it applies to goal setting."

"A. is still doing well, we're hoping to set a baptismal date with him for the end of February. He's very willing, the only reason he hasn't been baptised already is that we wanted to make sure that he's fully ready."

"For the rest of today we'll be running around taking care of a few bits and pieces, and in the evening we have FHE at the Acropoli building which should be fun. We'll have a lesson with A. afterwards too."

Wednesday 03/02 was Elder Teals Birthday (20)

"On the actual day of my birthday I'm scheduled for an exchange with Elder Klestrup which should be fun, but I'don't know if we'll do anything in particular birthday-wise.
I don't have my birthday package yet no, but the Perrys will do the mail run tomorrow so I'll probably get it then."


"My eyes are great now! I'm seeing better than I did before the surgery and everything's good!"

"I spend quite a lot of time in language study now reading from the New Testament in the original Greek which I really enjoy. Yesterday evening we had a really nice visit with Vassilis who is a member here in the Halandri branch who's in his 80s. He's a really nice guy and so interesting to talk to as he knows a lot about Greek history and is constantly quoting classical philosophers and politicians in normal conversation. And because he's older, he talks in a really old fashioned way. Imagine if old people in England still spoke with Shakespearean English, it's kind of like that. And he is also agrees with a large number of older Greeks who say that the bible should never have been translated into modern Greek as it loses a significant amount of its meaning. I was really glad that I've read a lot about classical history and was able to be an active participant in the conversation rather than just sitting there with a blank look on my face. I just think there's something so fascinating about the fact that we're speaking a language which is literally thousands of years old, and that there are people who still speak the way they did in the time of Paul in normal interactions!

But yeah he likes talking to us. And from my studying the NT in the original Greek I was even able to follow when he was talking about the history of the Areopagus (the parliament they had on Mars Hill) and quoting things in the Greek of the time, as it's from the same time period as the biblical Greek."

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