26 Jan 2016

Week 78 Athens

"We were in Cyprus from Thursday to Sunday, in Larnaca and we also went to Nicosia a couple of times. It was a really good trip, we got a lot done and it was so nice to see everyone over there, both missionaries and members.
It was a lot of fun! We had really good exchanges with the ZLs over there, and also had some really good training both from the broadcast that we watched and from training that we delivered ourselves together with the ZLs and the Heders"

"So we went to the eye clinic this afternoon, and it was all good news. I had some scans and then saw the doctor, and it turns out that the cross-linking worked extremely well, and I'll never have to worry about the condition regressing or my cornea getting any worse in the future. So that's good!

Yeah I drove last night and I'm driving today, so I think I'll be driving from now on which is good, although we don't really use the car that much anymore.

And with regard to my vision, my right eye is now at 20/25 or 8 out of 10, which is up from 6 out of 10, and my left eye has gone from 4 to 6 and both are still improving. The image that I see is still a little blurry which is from the epithelium not having fully healed yet, which the doctor said will slowly improve over the next couple of months. But he said I won't have to wear glasses, and that I'm seeing really well for the early stage I'm at. I have another appointment in 2 weeks where they'll check my eye pressure, as the drops I'm taking can raise eye pressure in some people, and then a second appointment halfway through April which is pretty much the end. 
But yeah, the problem is solved, and everything went great!"

Service Project

At the beginning of the week, the missionaries in Athens got together to put together 800 hygiene packs for Syrian Refugees in the city.

In other news we received this picture saying it was getting cold in the apartment now, but don't feel too sorry for them its probably like a typical English summers day !

Elder Peel looking for something !

World Wide Broadcast

On Wednesday the missionary department of the church broadcast a training meeting for the 85,000 missionaries around the globe. I was fortunate enough because of my current assignment, to be able to watch the broadcast with my home Zone of missionaries (Ashton, England) It was nice to know I was watching the same thing at the same time as Elder Teal. I took a lot of notes which I emailed to him and he returned the favour by sending me his notes. 

We had a lot more pictures this week, if you would like to see more click 

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