4 Jan 2016

Week 75 Christmas Week

Our emails this week were "brief" Elder Peel and Elder Teal had a busy day and an afternoon meeting with President Heder. Elder Teal also forgot to have his camera and journals with him so couldn't send us them. So this weeks blog is mainly courtesy of  Elder Peels mum who shared the pictures she received. We are not sure, but we think this first batch is of a photo scavenger hunt that was organised over the holiday period.

The week between Christmas and New Year has been filled with mission activities, including a scavenger hunt and a 2 day Book of Mormon read-athon

"It was really a great week, very uplifting and a fantastic experience for all of the missionaries"

About this weeks eye surgery

"We'll go into the mission home straight after the surgery on Thursday I assume.

Thank you for your love and support. I've had lots of lovely emails this week with people saying they're thinking about and praying for me, please let everyone know that I'm very grateful.

I don't yet know what time the operation will be, but I'll get Sister Heder to let you know on Facebook or something as soon as she knows. My appointment tomorrow is at 13:00. (pre-op) And yes I'm sure I'll be allowed to let you know how it's gone. I'm not sure if that will be with Skype or with email but I'm certain that I'll be able to talk to you about it soon afterwards, don't worry about that. It may be dictated emails with someone else typing, 
I've already recruited Alinda to write in my journal for me whilst I can't"

"I'm feeling good! I'm not nervous, and I'm interested to see how it will be to not be able to see for a couple of days, I think it will be interesting!"

"The last couple of weeks have flown by so fast, it's crazy! But that's how it feels most weeks in my mission I think!"

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The next batch of pictures were shared by Alinda Heder 

Some of the July 31st 2014 Preston MTC group! 18 months on

Book of Mormon 2 day Read-athon in Athens

Greece Zone 

As parents we have been very grateful for the support and well wishes for Elder Teals upcoming operation on Thursday the 7th. As you will have read above he doesn't seem worried at all. I guess he knows we will do enough worrying on the day for all of us ! 

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