20 Jan 2016

Week 77

 "Hello, I'm good! And it's been a good week, busy as usual, and the first part of the week was still at the mission home until Tuesday night when we were back in our own apartment. I had appointments on Monday and Tuesday at the eye clinic and on Tuesday they took out the contacts. At the clinic one of the nurses had a quick look at my eyes to see if they had fully healed and then did an eye test for my vision.  She said it was good for the first few days and that the readings from the measurements we did, all showed good signs. She then took out the contact lenses and cleaned my eyes off which was a nice relief again. The doctor went through the diagrams and charts with us and showed us the difference before and after the surgery. The surface of the eye is still changing and now without the lenses my vision is actually worse than it was but he said it will steadily improve over the next weeks.Since then my vision hasn't been too great and has kind of gone up and down throughout the week, which is what the doctor said would happen. I can see okay, but not very well with detail and I can't read from a distance at all. I'm wondering if at this point I just need glasses, which is something that can happen after the surgery. I don't mind wearing glasses at all, but I'd like to get it sorted so that I can function normally again. There's absolutely no pain or irritation now which is good, just the problem with vision. I think we'll call the clinic today or tomorrow and arrange another appointment, which is what he said we should do after a week or so if the vision isn't too good."


"I've done bits of driving and drove here to the office today (it's only a few minutes on quiet roads), but I'm not too comfortable when I do it and I don't think I will again until we get something sorted with glasses or something.

We had a really good lesson with A. We talked about what it really means to repent and to change and also made really good use of The Book of Mormon. He is doing well and progressing. We're not teaching anyone else at the moment unfortunately, and we're trying to find more people to teach!

I think I've had all of the parcels now, the replacement stuff from my wallet, shoes, shirts, and the book that Ruth sent, thanks for all of that! The shoes and shirts fit great yeah. It's nice to have shirts that are so long because they don't come untucked at the back when I sit down! It also fits well across the chest and shoulders. The shoes are great, really comfy. Thanks!

Tomorrow (19.01.16) we have some transfers happening, and then the main transfer will be in the second week of February, when Elder Klestrup leaves. 

This afternoon we'll just be cleaning the apartment and hopefully I will have time to write some letters!

Elder Peel and I will have exchanges every Wednesday and Friday which I'm excited about. 

I've found over the last couple of days that when you can't read it makes it quite difficult to do personal study! If anything it's made me more grateful both for my vision and for my ability to read, as I'm sure I would be a very different person if I had grown up without either of the two." 

Some pictures from the Christmas Book of Mormon Readathon

That moment when you are copying a few thousand pictures from someone else's memory card for a mission activity and it corrupts, leaving them all unreadable! Apparently it was a bit of a late night but the dynamic duo managed to retrieve all but one, by using a nifty bit of software found online. 

New sun glasses which we think will be a regular feature on future pictures.

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