29 Jun 2015

Week 48 Larnaca


SNAKES-It's one of the three that are the pets of our investigator P.  the iguana is his as well!

 "It's been a good week! We had our goodbye interviews with the Freestones, I had an exchange with Elder Burton in Limassol, and we had two investigators at church!"

"Sounds good about your holidays! For me a cold holiday would be nice about now! But then again I think it being sunny every day does wonders for your mood!"
On Sunday Elders Dixon and Teal had speaking assignments at church
"I talked about the First Vision! I was also sustained as the First Counselor in the Branch Presidency!
First I have to prepare a speaking assignment schedule for the next few weeks, and I'll also conduct sacrament every other week."
For those that don't know the local unit ( Branch) is presided over by one of the local members and is know as the Branch President. He usually has two local members serve as his assistants or counsellors, In Cyprus the missionaries are sometimes called to serve to help out the local members. Elder Dixon also received a call to serve as the Branch Clerk. These assignments are in addition to their regular missionary duties.

This random picture is apparently a workman near there apartment, Elder Teals comment on the picture was about the mans disregard for safety !

Snippets from this weeks Journals
"Today was as probably one of the most enjoyable days of my mission so far! We went to church on the bikes and there was a nice breeze, it was really sunny as usual and the roads were empty so it was a really nice ride." 

22 Jun 2015

Week 47

"The guy driving the car is Paneyiotis, he and his wife Georgia are the only Cypriot members on the island, and they're amazing! We had dinner with them three times this week, and they're always available to come to lessons with us! Their dog is called 'Bobo' it's a boy and he's great."


"It's been a great week ! We had a total of 5 dinner appointments which is the most in one week in my whole mission, we had lessons, and we had an investigator at church who's never been before, who asked for an hour off work on a Sunday morning and was given it! Wooo!"

"We speak Greek all the time! And there are a lot of differences! I'v been learning a lot of Cypriot from Paneyiotis, it really is like a different language! I can understand it quite well, and everyone who speaks it also speaks Greek so it's not a problem! It's a mix of older Greek, slang, and has influence from Turkish as well."

"I'm doing fine, it's just remembering to drink a lot of water and there's no problem. And no I've not been wearing sun cream any more, I'm already pretty tanned now and I'm not burning at all, I would have to put it on every single day which would be a big hassle! Don't worry I'm fine! When we have zone trip or other things where I know I'll be outside all day I wear it then."

"Life is busy! It's quite different to being Zone Leader in Athens because the Assistants and the office are so far away, so everything comes through me as I;'m the only missionary with an international phone that can reach Athens! And I like being District Leader as well, as I really like presenting district meetings and knowing what's going on with the day to day work."

Working out of town, Elder Teal thinks this house was the closest to the sea that they could knock at

White boarding with the Sisters and the Jacobsons


"I saw the sunflowers and took a picture because mum likes them,
some of them must have been 15 feet tall!"


Thanks also to Sister Landero for feeding the Missionaries !!


"We had McDonald's delivery for dinner, it only took 15 minutes to arrive and was really nice, I was very impressed & the McRegret was minimal to none."

"I am grateful to be District Leader here in Larnaca and for the chance it gives me to work with enthusiastic, hard working missionaires that we have here."

"We went to a house we had knocked the other day and spoke to the man again. He wasn't to keen to let us in, but we talked for a while on the doorstep and bore testimony and he invited us in. We had the first lesson and it went quite well. He is a Pentecostal Christian but hasn't been to church for years. He has a lot of faith in Jesus Christ."

"We went to Lucy and Marios for Tea, She was excited to show me pictures of the extension (At home) and the dogs on Facebook."

Thanks to the Dixon's for sharing pictures that Elder Dixon sent home to them

17 Jun 2015

Week 46 Larnaca

First week in Larnaca Cyprus

Are you happy?

"Yeah! I have great assignments, a great companion, a fantastic area, wonderful members in the branch, and 3 months ahead to really make a difference here!

And turns out you had your money in the wrong place about the transfer haha, so much for me staying in Athens! It's a lot different here to how it is in Greece, for lots of different little reasons. But it's good to be here with Elder Dixon and with Sister Indelicato in the district as I know them both well, and I think we will have a lot of success as a district.

Larnaca is great! The members are really nice and we're getting on well with them already!

Elder Dixon is doing well, it's good to be here with him! It's quite nice to have a break from training haha, but now I'm busy in my roles as District Leader and Zone Leader! President Ivanov (Branch President) also told us that he will call us at some point in the week with callings for the branch, as they don't have many Priesthood holders at all here"

"The food is leftovers from the pot-luck at church on Sunday. A few different members all came up to me and pressed it into my hands, and it was great!"

How do you find the Greek Bible?

In a lot of places the Greek version that we use is almost exactly the same as the King James Version, in fact I think that's one of the reasons it is the church's approved version here. There are occasions when it is much better in Greek because of words or ideas that can't be expressed in English, and it's clear that it was originally written in Greek and is a translation in English when you've read and compared the two. I'll write a list of things that are different in Greek that I like a lot and send it as a letter

I'm grateful that its been such an amazing transfer, that we've seen so many miracles and that I've learnt so much.

In the evening we went out to do street contacting again. There weren't a lot of people in the street compared to Athens or Thessaloniki, but we talked to everyone and got a few phone numbers. Its a nice area, and different because its a lot quieter than the places I've served in before, but the people seem open which is great.

When we arrived in Cyprus we were greeted by the senior couples here, most of which I've never met before. Also at the airport we met the missionaries leaving for Greece, such as Elder Peel & Elder Torner, so it was really good to see them as well.

It was strange to be here. It was almost like the start of my mission again, senior couples I don't know, a new country, It was like going to a new mission! But at least this time I know the language and all the missionaries I'm serving with.

In Cypriot Greek there are a lot of things I don't understand. He taught me a few of the words, but its also the way they are said that is fascinating, its like there's a tune or rhythm to the words, I like it a lot

10 Jun 2015

Week 45 Athens - Delphi

This Monday, P-day, the Zone took a trip to Delphi

Delphi  Δελφοί, is both an archaeological site and a modern town in Greece on the south-western spur of Mount Parnassus in the valley of Phocis. Myths include traditions that Pythia, or the Delphic oracle, already was the site of an important oracle in the pre-classical Greek world (as early as 1400 BC) and, rededicated from about 800 BCE, when it served as the major site during classical times for the worship of the god Apollo. Apollo was said to have slain Python, "a dragon" who lived there and protected the navel of the Earth. (source)

"In other news the mission have transfers this week and Elder Teal will be leaving Athens to serve as the Zone Leader in Cyprus. Working in Larnaca and serving with one of his MTC group, Elder Dixon. 

I'm feeling good, I'm excited about it! 

"Elder Peel will be here in Athens which means it will be a full year now, but as President told me, we have all of eternity to enjoy ourselves!"

"We have one new AP, Elder Klestrup, who will be with Elder Leppard who has been there since Elder Boyce left."

"The trip was really good! It was beautiful weather and the scenery was amazing, 
I'll send you all of the photos!"


"I was at the hospital this morning for a check up as my right knee is slightly swollen. It's just got like a soft raised area above the kneecap like a padding under the skin and doesn't hurt at all, it's just weird. The doctor said it's prepatellar bursitis, or "housemaid's knee", and is caused by excessive kneeling. I've got a praying injury! HaHa ! He said it's not a serious problem at all, especially as it doesn't cause any pain, I just have to not kneel on it for a while until it goes away.The doctor said to take ibuprofen, and to put ice on it each night. but it doesn't hurt at all, it's weird because when you touch it it's really soft, like a gel pad under the skin. And I've been kneeling on one knee, which I'll carry on doing with a cushion under my left knee"

"We said bye to H already and I will call him tonight."
"H was sad that we will be leaving, but happy as we will be able to help other people. I'm great full for H and for the friend he has become and also for his desire to share the happiness he has found with others" 

"Yesterday we were with Heracles, A's dad, and he taught us a load of Greek sign language. At the end he told us he's going to miss us a lot. And we have a lesson with A. today"

In an email to Elder Teal we told him that his blog was read in about 15 countries he replied with...

"I have had on several occasions now people come up to me who I don't know and are here visiting, and say "Hi Elder Teal!" before they've even seen my badge, it;s insane! And people have also told me "I know you but I don't you"

There are lots of pictures this week, clicking on any will make them bigger, and if you click HERE it will take you to the week 45 folder of our On-line storage so you can see more.


"At the end of the day, I'll do whatever I'm asked to do, and I'll do it happily. I love being a missionary and almost can't remember what it's like not to be."

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