17 Jun 2015

Week 46 Larnaca

First week in Larnaca Cyprus

Are you happy?

"Yeah! I have great assignments, a great companion, a fantastic area, wonderful members in the branch, and 3 months ahead to really make a difference here!

And turns out you had your money in the wrong place about the transfer haha, so much for me staying in Athens! It's a lot different here to how it is in Greece, for lots of different little reasons. But it's good to be here with Elder Dixon and with Sister Indelicato in the district as I know them both well, and I think we will have a lot of success as a district.

Larnaca is great! The members are really nice and we're getting on well with them already!

Elder Dixon is doing well, it's good to be here with him! It's quite nice to have a break from training haha, but now I'm busy in my roles as District Leader and Zone Leader! President Ivanov (Branch President) also told us that he will call us at some point in the week with callings for the branch, as they don't have many Priesthood holders at all here"

"The food is leftovers from the pot-luck at church on Sunday. A few different members all came up to me and pressed it into my hands, and it was great!"

How do you find the Greek Bible?

In a lot of places the Greek version that we use is almost exactly the same as the King James Version, in fact I think that's one of the reasons it is the church's approved version here. There are occasions when it is much better in Greek because of words or ideas that can't be expressed in English, and it's clear that it was originally written in Greek and is a translation in English when you've read and compared the two. I'll write a list of things that are different in Greek that I like a lot and send it as a letter

I'm grateful that its been such an amazing transfer, that we've seen so many miracles and that I've learnt so much.

In the evening we went out to do street contacting again. There weren't a lot of people in the street compared to Athens or Thessaloniki, but we talked to everyone and got a few phone numbers. Its a nice area, and different because its a lot quieter than the places I've served in before, but the people seem open which is great.

When we arrived in Cyprus we were greeted by the senior couples here, most of which I've never met before. Also at the airport we met the missionaries leaving for Greece, such as Elder Peel & Elder Torner, so it was really good to see them as well.

It was strange to be here. It was almost like the start of my mission again, senior couples I don't know, a new country, It was like going to a new mission! But at least this time I know the language and all the missionaries I'm serving with.

In Cypriot Greek there are a lot of things I don't understand. He taught me a few of the words, but its also the way they are said that is fascinating, its like there's a tune or rhythm to the words, I like it a lot

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