29 Jun 2015

Week 48 Larnaca


SNAKES-It's one of the three that are the pets of our investigator P.  the iguana is his as well!

 "It's been a good week! We had our goodbye interviews with the Freestones, I had an exchange with Elder Burton in Limassol, and we had two investigators at church!"

"Sounds good about your holidays! For me a cold holiday would be nice about now! But then again I think it being sunny every day does wonders for your mood!"
On Sunday Elders Dixon and Teal had speaking assignments at church
"I talked about the First Vision! I was also sustained as the First Counselor in the Branch Presidency!
First I have to prepare a speaking assignment schedule for the next few weeks, and I'll also conduct sacrament every other week."
For those that don't know the local unit ( Branch) is presided over by one of the local members and is know as the Branch President. He usually has two local members serve as his assistants or counsellors, In Cyprus the missionaries are sometimes called to serve to help out the local members. Elder Dixon also received a call to serve as the Branch Clerk. These assignments are in addition to their regular missionary duties.

This random picture is apparently a workman near there apartment, Elder Teals comment on the picture was about the mans disregard for safety !

Snippets from this weeks Journals
"Today was as probably one of the most enjoyable days of my mission so far! We went to church on the bikes and there was a nice breeze, it was really sunny as usual and the roads were empty so it was a really nice ride." 

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