2 Jun 2015

Week 44

It's been good! On Saturday there was another baptism, for a guy called W. from Nigeria, so that was really good,  Elders Leppard and Shaner in Sepolia And next week we have two more baptisms! The second branch here in Athens is seeing miracles! It's such a great branch and so welcoming to new people, I loved it when I was there for sacrament last week.We're in the last week of the transfer now which is crazy, it's passed quickly! We're not entirely sure yet but it will probably on Monday or Tuesday next week. Elder Boyce goes home on Monday and then we have 3 new missionaries coming in next week as well.

We went to the house of a man we met yesterday. He wasn't in but his 20 something nephew was and invited us to come back tomorrow evening. He had a tattoo on his chest that said "Families are Forever" which was a good conversation topic!
We did some door knocking and got shouted at by an old lady which was quite funny, but sad as she didn't have the opportunity to learn about the gospel.

In my study this morning I read from the Old Testament manual from the beginning, where it talks a lot about creation and evolution. It actually puts up quite a convincing argument against evolution which I was surprised by, but it didn't try to disprove dinosaurs which I was pleased about.
We met a Jewish man who came up to us and asked if we are Mormons. He said he usually isn't a big fan of Christians but that he had a lot of respect for our church. He said he was very impressed and he could tell we are pure and well educated and he invited us to his home for lunch next Saturday as he doesn't work on the Sabbath. He doesn't want to talk about what we believe, but what we know. He was a very nice man and I look forward to meeting him again. I think we will have a very interesting discussion.

We set off to the beachfront. We talked to a lot of people, including a Syrian man who spoke English but not too well and when we gave him a pass-along card he responded by saying " I love you" which I think, he thinks means "thank you"

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