28 May 2015

Week43 Baptism

"Hey! It's been such an amazing week! 

I'm glad you got the letter, I'm going to start doing a lot better with writing regularly, I've been rubbish at it, life as a zone leader is hectic!

YES! H. got baptised on Saturday by President Freestone and confirmed by me yesterday! In French! Hahaha the first ordinance of my mission and it wasn't in Greek or in English! He's here with us now at church, writing up his conversion story for the mission history. I think afterwards we will go and get something to eat together. He's so great! It was a double baptism, together with a guy called A. who was taught by Elders Leppard and Shaner.

As zone leader I had responsibility to organise the baptismal service, which included a whole load of hassle when we found out on Friday that the oil tank at Halandri (for water heating) and been allowed to run empty! But everything came out well in the end, you can read about it in my journal.

I did the confirmation and Holy Ghost in French, and the blessing in English as my French didn't stretch that far, and he understands fairly well in English. 

How are your new Shoes?

"Yeah they fit great, and they're really comfortable And yeah they're a really nice colour"

"The result of us defrosting the freezer! We then had a little blizzard off the balcony"

How are you and Elder Burton?

"We're doing well, his Greek is getting better and better and we're really doing well at teaching together in unity. We had 7 lessons this week, and we have 5 people with baptismal dates!

Would you like to go to Cyprus in the next transfer? "I don't know, I think I'd rather go there not in the middle of summer! And I love it in Greece, both in Athens and in Thessaloniki. On the other hand I'd like to go as there is a whole half of the mission that I've never seen, and even senior couples that I've never met! I've heard that there are 3 new missionaries coming, and I think the transfer is 11th of June but I'm not sure"

Do you think you'll train again? Haha I already joke with Elder Burton about how for me it's the 36 week training program and not 12 like it is usually!

Love you too! Enjoy your new kitchen!"

"H kept telling us thank you and that he loves us, he’s such a great guy and will be a fantastic member of the church. I’m grateful for his happiness and enthusiasm to be baptised and for the sisters for teaching him so well."

"Today, Elder Burton and I gave 5 copies of The Book of Mormon out and received 5 names, a 1:1 ratio which was great! We now need to work on names to first lessons.
Things are going really well in the district which is great to see.  I got my packages which included my new shoes, chocolate from Rachel and the conference Ensign which were all great."

"I had a phone call with the assistants and they are over in Cyprus. They were with Elder Peel at the time so put him on the phone to speak to me which was good. Hopefully we’ll be in the same country in the next transfer, but we’ll see."

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