17 May 2015

Week 40 Athens

Seems a sign Elders Teal and Burton put on the wall of their flat has gone viral as it is cropping up in other missionary apartments !

Elder Teal and Elder Kitsell during exchanges this week

"Week 40?! Wow! It's going so fast!

It sounds like you've had a good week, good to hear that the extension is coming along well. And great about Isaac getting the Priesthood! 

I really like what you said about the missionary being excited to go home and at the same time sad that he'll miss his new home and family, I think I'll be the same when it comes time for me to leave, but that's a while away yet! And I hope it's starting to become clear to others that my relationship with the Saviour has improved loads over the course of my mission so far!

It's been a great week!

First of all so I don't forget, I'll do Skype on Sunday at 7 in the evening (the time here). It has to be in the evening as Elder Burton's family are really far behind with the time

We had the most lessons this week of our transfer so far, 6! It was great, we had one day when we had 4 planned and we felt like the sisters haha (they have so many lessons). Only 3 happened that day but it was still great! And we had 3 new investigators this week!

H. was at church yeah, but he's on record as the Sister's investigator as they have the proper lessons with him. We still teach him but we read from the BoM together and teach maybe one principle each time, to prepare him for the lessons with the Sisters and to help him increase his love of the Book of Mormon, which is huge already.

This week he told us about how everything in his life has changes since his first lesson with us, and that now he is happy all the time. He is so amazing. He has a long list of scriptures that he's found about humility, because it's his favourite topic. When we showed him the index in the Book of Mormon it was like Christmas!

It's getting really warm yeah, it's great! It's going to get even hotter though, and I think it might soon cross over into being too hot!

The problem at the minute is with mosquitos, we're getting eaten alive! We have the windows open for fresh air but it lets them in as well. There was some insect cream in the apartment but it doesn't work, so I'm going to get the one I brought with me from my other suitcase in Halandri, hopefully that will be a bit better. We get a bit crazy sometimes going on insect killing sprees, it's funny. It's not as bad as I've made it sound, there are maybe 2 or 3 in the apartment at any one time, but I don't know when they're biting us as we never notice. Haha it's not a massive problem, and Pres Everitt advised we buy a candle thing that keeps them away, so we'll probably do that.

"It took our blood, so we took its life!"

I had parcels this week, one from Granny Jean for my birthday and one from dad with the talks from the Priesthood session. I also had a letter from you, and a postcard with the Manchester Central Library

Haha yeah it was a surprise when it said Happy Birthday! But it was nice, and it had 40 Euros in as well! We had a bit of a party that night when the Assistants came to drop off our order of leaflets and things and we had Dominos pizza together, it was fun"

White boarding to catch the interest of people in the streets

We also received some extra pictures from his visit to Thessaloniki during week 39

Elder Teal and Elder Deighton

Elder Clarke and Elder Burton.
"Be safe be seen !"

Elder Clarke and Elder Teal

It was also a chance to catch up with some members and Elder Teals good friend Brother Todi

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