21 Apr 2014

Starting Out

Several friends have asked questions regarding missionary service.

Will Elder Teal receive any training ?

When in Greece will he teach in English or have a translator?
Does the church give him a living allowance?
How does missionary service affect his education?

Elder Teal will begin his missionary service on the 31st of July 2014. He had put on his application an "available date" that fell after his 'A' level exams. This date also means he will return home around July 2016, in time to take up his deferred university offer.

Initially he will spend 9 weeks at the Preston Missionary Training Center (MTC) which is in the grounds of the Preston Temple, just off junction 8 of the M61. While there he will have general missionary training and Greek language lessons.
He will fly from the MTC to Athens.

From the 31st of July he will live mission rules, as his training is part of his missionary service.

Missionary service is funded entirely by money saved by the missionary, 
aided by contributions by family and friends.

The coming weeks will be a busy time. Along with revision for his 'A' levels he will be making physical preparations, buying all the kit he needs for two years. He is also preparing himself spiritually, studying scriptures and is starting to teach himself Greek. He has mastered the alphabet already !

Finally you may wonder why I am referring to him as Elder Teal. Full time missionaries are all addressed by the priesthood office they hold which is "Elder" Although currently only "called to serve" not actually serving, I am mindful this may be read in 12 months time, while he is actually serving.

19 Apr 2014


Welcome to Elder Teal's Blog

This blogs aim is to share Elder Teal's experiences as he prepares for and serves in, the Greece Athens Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All though much of the content will be provided by Elder Teal via emails home, this blog will be compiled and maintained by his dad (John Teal) on his behalf.

We hope you come back frequently, even add a bookmark to find us easily. We also hope you will share links to this site with your friends church member or not.

For those that may not be aware, here is some information about 'Mormon' Missionaries.

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