22 Jun 2015

Week 47

"The guy driving the car is Paneyiotis, he and his wife Georgia are the only Cypriot members on the island, and they're amazing! We had dinner with them three times this week, and they're always available to come to lessons with us! Their dog is called 'Bobo' it's a boy and he's great."


"It's been a great week ! We had a total of 5 dinner appointments which is the most in one week in my whole mission, we had lessons, and we had an investigator at church who's never been before, who asked for an hour off work on a Sunday morning and was given it! Wooo!"

"We speak Greek all the time! And there are a lot of differences! I'v been learning a lot of Cypriot from Paneyiotis, it really is like a different language! I can understand it quite well, and everyone who speaks it also speaks Greek so it's not a problem! It's a mix of older Greek, slang, and has influence from Turkish as well."

"I'm doing fine, it's just remembering to drink a lot of water and there's no problem. And no I've not been wearing sun cream any more, I'm already pretty tanned now and I'm not burning at all, I would have to put it on every single day which would be a big hassle! Don't worry I'm fine! When we have zone trip or other things where I know I'll be outside all day I wear it then."

"Life is busy! It's quite different to being Zone Leader in Athens because the Assistants and the office are so far away, so everything comes through me as I;'m the only missionary with an international phone that can reach Athens! And I like being District Leader as well, as I really like presenting district meetings and knowing what's going on with the day to day work."

Working out of town, Elder Teal thinks this house was the closest to the sea that they could knock at

White boarding with the Sisters and the Jacobsons


"I saw the sunflowers and took a picture because mum likes them,
some of them must have been 15 feet tall!"


Thanks also to Sister Landero for feeding the Missionaries !!


"We had McDonald's delivery for dinner, it only took 15 minutes to arrive and was really nice, I was very impressed & the McRegret was minimal to none."

"I am grateful to be District Leader here in Larnaca and for the chance it gives me to work with enthusiastic, hard working missionaires that we have here."

"We went to a house we had knocked the other day and spoke to the man again. He wasn't to keen to let us in, but we talked for a while on the doorstep and bore testimony and he invited us in. We had the first lesson and it went quite well. He is a Pentecostal Christian but hasn't been to church for years. He has a lot of faith in Jesus Christ."

"We went to Lucy and Marios for Tea, She was excited to show me pictures of the extension (At home) and the dogs on Facebook."

Thanks to the Dixon's for sharing pictures that Elder Dixon sent home to them

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