6 Jul 2015

Week 49 Larnaca

"We didn't have interviews with the new President yet, but we had a meeting where they spoke a little about themselves, and then mission leadership council. President Heder spoke about being consecrated missionaries and putting everything on the altar of sacrifice. They're great, they have a really funny sense of humour and have a lot of energy about them. And then later on, President Heder came out with Elder Dixon and I to do street contacting! Elder Dixon and I took him to the square where we do the whiteboard and we talked to quite a few people He speaks good Greek, and he's keen to learn more, he was asking us lots of questions"

"We had 3 investigators at church this week!!! Panayiotis left just after sacrament started and rushed to Y's' work to bring him, in time to see most of the testimonies. We also had Pe. again, as well as Pa, who is one of Panayiotis' friends from his old church, and is absolutely fantastic! They all really enjoyed it as well!"

"We had 4 new investigators this week! We are most excited about Pa, as he seems really keen to learn and loved it at church yesterday!"

"It's so hot! I'm so tanned now, it's like my skin is from a different person haha! And my tan lines are absolutely incredible, a sight to be seen"

"Elder Dixon is great, we're having a lot of fun together!"

"And yesterday I conducted sacrament meeting for the first time and it went great, I really enjoyed doing it"

We are hoping the picture was for fun and the melon didn't meet an untimely end!

"We went to Lidl and bought a big watermelon for €1. They're really cheap now because they're in season and they're really nice. And some of them are huge, like beach balls!"

"We spoke to one guy who was sat in his garden who invited us to sit and talk. Just as we were going in his friend arrived. We had the first lesson and the first guy didn't like it too much, he said there are no prophets after Jesus and that no-one can see God gave to face and live. But his friend really enjoyed the lesson and said he would like to learn more." 

"I realised that I often focus too much on it being the 'church' of Jesus Christ, but the title of the lesson in PMG is 'The message of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.' I need to focus more on the fact that the truths Jesus taught were lost and restored, not just the church He set up." 

"I really like that a lot of people here especially in some neighbourhoods, are very open and friendly and will offer you a drink and a sit down before you've even explained why you're there. They have a really good community spirit" 

"In the evening we had a lesson with Y with Panayiotis and Georgia as members present. We talked about tithing and fast offering which was easy as it was the Gospel Principles lesson last week and he had enjoyed it. He has now learnt about all of the commandments and has accepted them which is fantastic. All he has to do now is come to church for sacrament meeting and soon he will be in a position to be baptised. I'm grateful for Y and his willingness to learn and progress and also for  Panayiotis and Georgia for all of their help." 

"We had a great time street contacting with President. Afterwards we sat and talked about his mission, this mission, the language and other things, it was great. We're very excited to have him as our new mission president and to get to know him and his family better over the next year or so." 

Missionaries can sleep anywhere ! As Elder Dixon is proving.

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