17 Jul 2015

Week 50 Larnaca

Highlight of the week?

Have you had much more contact with the new mission president? 
Is it zone conference soon?

"T is a teacher of religious student and has just got his PhD, he's like  Uncle Jimmy in that he has very similar work. As a result he has a great deal of knowledge about religion and a very strong personal faith in Jesus Christ. We taught The Restoration. It was a great discussion but a difficult lesson, he's a really nice guy."

"I'm grateful for the knowledge I have of the real nature of Jesus Christ and of my relationship with him. "

"Went to Panayiotis's house to have a lesson with P. It went really well, he understood everything and said it made much more sense then there being a hell with fire and brimstone. At the end P said he wanted to be baptised and we set a date for July 25th! It's every exciting."
"There were 10 of us altogether for a meal. Members from the branch and P and we had amazing food. It was such a good atmosphere and fantastic for P to get to know people a bit better. He is really excited for his baptism and doesn't see it as something that would happen but rather is something that will happen as he has made the decision."
"When we got to a petrol station my bike hit a bump that I didn't see and it slipped. I put the brakes on and for some reason the brakes are the wrong way round and the left hand does the front brake and not the back. So I ended up slamming on the front brake and went over the handlebars. I didn't really know what happened and was pretty dazed. A guy leaving the petrol station came out to as if I was okay. I had massive pain in my left hand and my head was spinning and I felt really ill. Elder Dixon rang the Jacobsens and they came to pick us up. My wrist looked pretty weird and my hand wasn't in good shape either. I was sure I had broken something. The strange thing was that I didn't get cut at all, just the impact injury to my hand. I could handle the pain but the dizzy/sick feeling was awful, but I said a prayer and it went away which was a relief. We went to the hospital where I had 2 X-rays of my wrist and hand. My wrist isn't broken but looks like a small fracture on the knuckle of he index finger of my left hand and my wrist was badly sprained. It could have been worse!! I came home and put ice on it on top of the elastic bandage that the doctor had put on it."

We enjoy sharing Elder Teal experiences on our blog and Facebook page, it's especially nice when we receive feedback and additional info about what he is up to ....



"Hello! My parents, who are not members, live in Cyprus. We were going to visit them and Elder Teal's blog was instrumental in helping us find the Larnaca ward building. It was wonderful to go there the one Sunday we were there. The feeling in the building was very sweet. It was such a relief to be amongst members for a few hours. Imagine our surprise when the missionaries introduced themselves and one tall blond one said, "Hello, I'm Elder Teal." Brilliant! We said we'd found the building due to his blog and his companion said, "You'd be amazed how often that happens." ........
We didn't get to talk to Elder Teal for very long, but he seemed happy and healthy when we spoke. I wish we could have stayed longer. Cyprus is a beautiful place."
We also had a picture taken and shared on Facebook by our friend in Larnaca,

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