21 Jul 2015

Week 51 Larnaca

Cyprus Zone Conference Week !

It was good, very different to previous ones, and a lot shorter, but good.
 We also had a lesson with P. this week with President Heder present which was really good, afterwards we had a meal at Panayiotis and Georgia's house with P and all of the Heders. They now have their son Brooks here as well, he finished his mission in Florida and flew straight to Greece to meet his family from there, must have been strange! It's good to have him here to share some experiences from his mission, he's a nice guy. He'll be with them for about another month and then goes back to America.

Below pictures shared with us on Facebook, by a member in Larnaca. The district out "white boarding" (street contacting with a display on a portable whiteboard) The members often go along and help find people to chat to.


Temperatures are averaging 35C in Larnaca at the moment, having just checked the internet the average rainfall in the area over the next 2 months is ZERO! Although the apartment has air-con, it seems Elder Dixon has found a better way to cool down when they come in.

"I thought I knew what heat was before my mission. I was wrong"

"We were talking about the difference between American and European ties, Brooks said that the mark of a good tie is if it stands horizontal when you hold it like that, but I think it's just the mark of a stiff tie ;)"

Sections from Elder Teals journals. Each week he sends us a picture of each journal entry from the previous week ( It saves him writing long emails! ) 
With his permission we pick bits out to share here...

"We had to be ready at 8am to be at church to help with a service project. Together with the sisters and The Jacobsons we tidied up the parking area behind the church and the drive that leads to it which had gotten overgrown with weeds and looked a mess. It only took about an hour and we did it in the morning to avoid the hottest part of the day."

"In the evening we had a lesson with I and C, the couple we had met on Saturday during door knocking. We taught about The Plan of Salvation. They understood really well and had a lot of interest. C especially really grasped what we were saying and said at the end that he'd learnt a lot." 

"We finished the day with door knocking and we had an old man who tried to give us money when we came to his door but then settled for giving us a glass of water each, he was very nice. Then we had a conversation at another house where they had a big dog with the name Roger Moore, it was quite funny."

"We had another lesson with P and President Heder came along as well. After the lesson the rest of the Heders and the Assistants came and we all had a meal together in Panayiotis's porch/patio. It was a really nice meal and great company.
I'm grateful for President Heder and for the things we discussed today in my interview. I'm also grateful to have had the opportunity to have the lesson with him and meal with his whole family today." 

"We had weekly planning and it was the first time in my mission that that I've done the section of planning that deals with investigators to be baptised and confirmed in the coming week!" 

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