8 Feb 2016

Week 80

 Athens Olympic stadium with the snow covered hills behind


Some sections from this weeks emails

"It's been good yeah! I've been a bit ill with a cold that turned into a sinus infection I think, but I'm feeling much better now so it's all good.
I had some cold and flu tablets, but then when I read the small print I found out they were basically just paracetamol tablets. But I've been drinking a lot of water and sleeping, and it's passed quickly."

"A. is doing okay, although he's quite ill at the moment. Hopefully he will be getting baptised on the 20th but we still have lots of lessons that we need to fit in, so we may need to postpone the date a little. We'll see!"

"We have a new lady that we are teaching who is the housekeeper at the mission home. She was at our English class this week and would like to come to church next Sunday, so we're excited about that!"

From journals

"...we had a lesson with M, the lady who cleans the mission home. She wants to learn English so we talked mostly about that, but we also gave her a tour of the chapel and taught a part of the first lesson. We had Sister Heder and Alinda with us which was great. M. said that she admires their family and how much love they have, so we talked about the importance of families and how we can center them on Jesus Christ"

General Strikes in Athens = Traffic jams

 Blurred, but fun

 Birthday Party for Elder Teal

Dinner with the Heders

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