29 Feb 2016

Week 83

Not sure if these pictures were before or after last weeks baptism ?

"Week 83! That number is getting high!"

"It's been another great week, and a busy one! You can read all about it in my journal as to be honest off the top of my head I can't even remember what happened. And you'll be able to read about the confirmation too, it was really good. It was nice to be there in the Athens 1st branch, I have lots of friends there and it was good to see them all! That's one of the best things about us not having many areas, you don't just get to know people for a couple of months (maybe 6 if you're in the same area for a while), but you get to know them over 2 years and they become really good friends, who I'll miss when I go home!"

"We didn't have any new investigators this week, but we did have two lessons with M. and we have one planned with T. (we had a first lesson with him before Christmas) for tonight that we're looking forward to. We also have a few people that will hopefully become investigators soon, and we're excited about that!"

"Great that you got to go out to the temple, it's made me appreciate how blessed we are to have one so close whilst I've been out on my mission!"

"I think I'll Skype in May if you don't mind, since I think it will be good to space it out a little bit more and not talk to you now where we've talked recently and I don't have that much new stuff to tell you!" ( There was an option of English or American Mothers day) 

They skype call with Dr. James Holt (Uncle Jimmy) went really well yeah, and was very useful!" (the call was to discuss ways to help bring the church in Greece "Out of Obscurity")

Lunch - the Elders made stuffed peppers and play chess!


Outside the apartment.

I think these pictures fall into the category of, I've not taken any pictures all week best take a couple to send home !

"The weather was perfect. Bright and sunny and not a cloud in the sky but not yet at the point where it's unbearably hot. I think I'll miss the weather here a lot when I'm home, because even in the summer when it was really hot I quite liked it."

"We had district meeting where Elder Peel and I were asked to share about how we'd seen the influence of the Holy Ghost in A as he learned about the Gospel. It was a really good district meeting."

"It is very satisfying to be able to teach and testify about basic truths like that God has a body and that He is a separate individual to Jesus Christ."

"In the evening we had a Skype call with Uncle Jimmy so that we could talk to him about public relations for the church and also about representing the church at universities and other academic venues. It was a very productive discussion and we learnt a lot from his experience."

"There is definitely a very real correlation between how often we bear our testimony and how happy and satisfied we feel as missionaries and how much we feel that we're fulfilling our purpose."

"The zone leaders had planned a service activity where we wore the Helping Hands bibs and tidied up all of the rubbish on Mars Hill. We were there for about an hour and half and we got a lot done. There were also a lot of people around so it was good to have people be interested in who we are and what we're doing. It was a really good activity and it was a lovely day, so with the views that you have up there there's no better place to do service. It also reminded us how lucky we are to be serving in such a beautiful place that is so steeped in history.
I'm grateful for the greater love that we develop as we serve."

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