15 Feb 2016

Week 81

Transfer week...
Elder Klestrup has gone home...
This amazing missionary has played a part in both Elder Peel and Elder Teals lives... 
18 months ago he trained Elder Peel when he first arrived in the mission. 
20 Weeks ago, when Elder Teal was called as an Assistant, Elder Klestrup was his companion
and introduced him to the assignment. 

As is the custom, the three new incoming missionaries, their trainers and the departing Elder were taken up Mars hill together.

The three arriving Elder and their training companions

With the excitement of new arrivals comes the sadness of airport departures

Amidst orientation and training meetings. Airport drop offs and pick ups Elder Peel and Teal continue to enjoy the opportunity to teach friends the gospel

"A. is doing really well and will be baptised next Saturday! He passed his interview yesterday and is so excited for the baptism. His whole story shows so much how the gospel changes people's lives, as he has come so far. Also this week he finished reading the Book of Mormon cover to cover which he was really pleased about. I've never had an investigator do that during the teaching process before I don't think! He is doing so well with everything, and is already a fantastic missionary, even inviting people from the street to go to church with him. His relationship with his family is also better than it's ever been, and his son and his wife had a baby this week which they're all very happy about."


All our posts (weeks 61-68) with Elder Klestrup can be found HERE

"At the airport it was interesting to think back to my arrival in the mission and how different the mission was then and how different I was then. It also made me think again about how I don't have a whole lot of time left. It's strange to think that in a year or so we'll have been gone 6 months and the mission will just continue to grow and develop in new and exciting ways, and kind of sad that we won't be a part of that. At the same time, I'm grateful that we're here now at such a pivotal time in the mission."

"We went to As house and talked first about tithing and fasting and then afterwards we showed him the video 'The Restoration.' (see below) He really enjoyed it and watched it so intently and then when it had finished he bore testimony about the restoration and told us that everyone needs to know the things that we have been teaching him as they have changed his life so much. He is so excited to be baptised. Every time we have a lesson with him it's a wonderful reminder for me of our purpose as missionaries."

Finally a bit of fun...


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