1 Sep 2015

Week 57 Larnaca

It's been a good week, its passed really quickly as usual.
 Looks like you had fun in St. Andrews and that's great how you met the new Elders parents.
 We had a couple of lessons with P's father which were really nice, but he's in an old people's home and is very frail so probably won't be able to come to church.

We also saw President this week for special training about the bikes, and for interviews which were good as well....as of now the bike maintenance will be the responsibility of missionaries so we were trained how to do different things like oil the chain, patch a flat tyre, change the tyre and things like that. It's how they do it in other missions in the world.

Europa Fountain, Favoured spot for white boarding


We found a lady who said she's searching for the truth, she took a copy of The Book of Mormon and gave us her phone number so it seemed promising. 

We had a lesson with E. We taught about the Word of Wisdom and it went well. He said that when he prays and comes to church he feels good. 

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