12 Sep 2015

Week 58 Larnaca

"Elder Dixon hiding behind his birthday wrapping paper."

"Hi! It's been a good week, and I really can't put into words how fast the time is going. Every time I sit down to write emails I feel like I just did it 10 minutes ago, and I can never think of something knew to tell you all!"

"E. and R. are both progressing well, they have baptismal dates for the 26th and 19th of September respectively, and everything is on track for those dates! E. was at church for Sacrament yesterday and R. arrived a little later, very tired as he worked the night before and finished at 7am!"

"It seems like a lot has gone on at home this week! Rachel sent me a couple of photos of her with Toby, they look happy! Ha ha it has passed really quick since he left, it's strange to think that he's back there now! "

Elder Teals older sister meeting her boyfriend Toby, straight after he was released from his Missionary service in the England London Mission (his blog is HERE)

"Cyprus is a big island. But to be fair, in Paphos for example which is a smaller town, almost every single door has been knocked by missionaries at some point! And we do sometimes meet people that recognize us, but it's a lot less common that it was when we did contacting in Manchester from the MTC for example. Most people think we're Jehovah's Witnesses."

"It's still hot! I never know exactly what the temperature is as we never see a thermometer, but it's definitely hot."

"I had an exchange with Elder Fagg this week, he's doing great!"

"The music on the last pendrive is great, and Elder Dixon got two CDs for his birthday as well which are good"

Elder Dixon Exercising 

"Our Desks, Elder Dixon's is the one without a picture of our family !"

"Planning board"

"Sweet potato chips"

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