31 Aug 2014

Family Thoughts - Leland Mayall

Its Sunday again ! These weeks are flying past ... 

To carry on the pattern, today we have another missionary parent sharing some thoughts. Leland Mayall serves on the Ashton Stake Presidency, he and is family attend the same Ward (Congregation) as our family.

Leland's son, Elder Mayall, is half way through two years in the Zimbabwe Harare Mission. 

"It's always a been my dream as a father to see my son serve a full time mission for our Church. Having experienced it myself and knowing what it does for you first hand I wanted that for Nathan. The fact he made the decision for himself makes it extra special. That said nobody could ever prepare you for the emotional roller coaster you go through.
To see your son leave and then come home to his empty bedroom, knowing it will be 2 years till you see him is the hardest thing I've ever done. Crazy how the greatest things in life are sometimes the hardest to experience. Nathan has now been out a year and we have just loved reading and feeling of his mission experiences. Of the love he has for the work, for his companions and for the people of Zimabawe. We truly feel of his happiness serving The Lord. Elder Mayall has grown so much in so many ways. In being able to share his weekly mission posts we hope that family and friends have felt of his love and happiness in serving a mission in Zimbabwe."

Elder Mayall has a blog, it can be found HERE. Missionaries have so many varied experiences around the globe. But they all come home saying their's was the best mission in world.

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