29 Mar 2016

Week 87

"My big news for the week is that we had a transfer! 
Elder Peel has gone to serve in the new area Glyfada with Elder Deighton. My new companion is Elder Mead, who is now my third companion in the office! We're excited to be serving together and we're looking forward to it!"

Elder Mead - from Huddersfield England

"We had a good week, with the transfer, the week seems to have passed so quickly, but at the same time it feels like an age since we went on the zone trip last week! We also had a really good service project which you probably saw the video from, and then on Saturday we played football with some of A's grandchildren which was great. Yesterday all of the Athens missionaries were at the mission home for a meal together and we had a great time, the Heders are wonderful hosts and Sister Heder is in her element with a house full of people!"

"We've already had a guy phone us and say that he wanted to learn more about the church having seen the Facebook page! He lives nearby to us so it couldn't be better! And we've had other referrals from mormon.org which may have been from people that found the website through the page too."

At Home
On Saturday our daughter, Elder Teal's older Sister, got married. The opening picture is of Elder Teal and Elder Peel wearing ties that we sent out to match those worn at the wedding. 

"Thanks for sending all of the pictures that you sent, I really enjoyed looking at them! If you have any more send them too! It looks like Saturday was a wonderful day, and I'm glad it went so well!
Lots of people have wished congratulations for Rachel and Toby too which has been nice!"

"We had a service project together with a charity. We helped organise things that will be sent to the refugees in various apartments around the city that will be rented as temporary accommodation. We were there from 10am-3pm and we got a lot done. Whilst I was working with one lady I talked with her about God and religion, which resulted in a very interesting discussion. I told her that she would like our church. I invited her to come on Sunday and she said that she will.  We had a very productive day and were able to share the gospel whilst serving."  
There is a video of the service project HERE

"It's exciting how many new friends we are working with at the moment and how much we have going on and all being well we will be able to have at least 5 of them at church next week spread across the 3 Athens branches." 

"Elder Peel and I had our last companionship study together where we drew up a draft training plan for the mission." 

"To celebrate our last night together I made a dessert out of waffles, strawberries and Ambrosia custard with a dairy milk caramel melted in, it was really nice. 
I'm grateful for my time with Elder Peel, for everything that I learnt from him and for everything that we were able to achieve together." 

"Today was the day of Toby and Rachel's wedding. It was strange to think about all of the things happening at home, as during a mission it seems that it's very hard to imagine that things actually happen outside of the mission. Although it's a shame not to be there with them I'm in the right place." 

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