14 Mar 2016

Week 85 Athens and Cyprus

Elder Peel, Elder Teal and The Heders flew to Cyprus for Zone Conference this week. 
We have totally lost track of how many times Elder Teal has flown on his mission now, its 30+
Sister Heder and Alinda are always up for a Selfie !

 The Cyprus Zone, President and Sister Heder 

"Cyprus was really good! We had a great time over there and it was so good to see everyone!"

Presenting Training

Visiting Cyprus was also a good opportunity to meet up with old friends. 
Both Elder Teal and Elder Peel have served there.



"At Panayiotis's home we had a meal with him and Georgia and the food was really good as usual.  It was also really nice to catch up with them and talk about the changes that have taken place since I was last here. 
As we walked home it seemed strange to think about all of the months that I spent in the area and to remember all of the good times with Elder Dixon. I miss serving here in Larnaca, it was one of the best periods of my mission and although I love the area I'm in now it will always have a special place in my heart. And it's strange to think that it was my previous area as it feels like such a long time ago." 

"View over Nicosia from the plane. The lights on the hill are the Turkish flag that they have on the other side of the border in Northern Cyprus."

Back in Athens for Sunday Meetings

"Church was good too, although unfortunately we didn't have any new friends there yesterday. 
A.. is doing a great job of inviting all of his family and friends, and a couple have taken him up on the offer.  He talks about the church to literally every single person he speaks to, he's such a good missionary! We had a meeting with him last night and we left so happy, it's amazing to see how much he knows now and how much he loves learning more. He's halfway through the Doctrine and Covenants and is really loving what he's learning, and has such good understanding. We gave him the book Our Heritage which I think he will really enjoy, and I'm excited to talk to him about it. And things are going great with his work, It's so good to see that we are fulfilling our purpose as missionaries, and to see people like him and P. who have changed so much and who are so much happier now."

"The Facebook page is doing great and growing fast, we just hope that we can maintain the growth! I think a lot of the people that have liked it so far are church members already, but it's a good start and we need to have the strong foundation before we can start seeing lots of new opportunities to teach from it! And it's good for members here to have something that they can refer friends to, it provides them a very easy way to do missionary work!"

"Today was the last day for me to take my eye drops as its now been 2 months since the surgery, so now I'm officially out of treatment! I have another appointment in April as a final check up and then I will be done." 

"Our district meeting was really good. It was about revelation through prayer. Elder Peel and I had a role play where we taught Elder Petchey about prayer and right at the beginning he asked if we used The Lords Prayer in our church. We then showed him how we use it as a model for our prayers by going through and talking about the parts." 

"We had a meeting with the university professor again and he and another friend with him. We discussed the possibilities of the church in Greece and their university working together on a variety of ventures and it was a good meeting." 

"It started to rain and there was thunder and lightning and it was absolutely pouring down. When you see the lightning storms here, it's easy to understand why the people used to believe in a God of thunder and lightning." 

I learnt the Greek word for dragonfly. 

I've really enjoyed looking for types of Christ since you sent me the email about Zoram, and I think there are so many in first Nephi! I really like where it says about Lehi dwelling in a tent in the valley of Lemuel. I think in part it represents Christ's condescension to live in a mortal body (which he was way above) with Lehi's living in a tent (a rich man in poor circumstances), but also "in the valley of Lemuel" which Lehi named to represent obedience to the commandments, which is the way in which Jesus lived his life.

"yes that is a carrot"

We had lots of pictures this week, many with companionship's in the Cyprus zone. 

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Lillian Gold said...

So fun! I would love to have him as a guest on my podcast, Mormon Missionary Stories! Either skyped from his mission with permission or when he returns. :)


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