8 Mar 2016

Week 84

Lots happening in the Greece Athens Mission this week.
Not least Elder Peel and Elder teal deciding to turn up at the office as twins !!
(The glasses are not Elder Teals, just borrowed)

Mission Leadership Counsel 

"The meeting was good, it's always nice when we have meetings at the mission home, it's a really nice atmosphere. And we had the leaders from Cyprus and Thessaloniki on Skype too which was good!

We've been trying out a few new things with Facebook! We've not quite decided exactly what our protocol will be, but we're excited to see if we can reach a new audience with it. We also had a night when we went out with Elder Deighton and Elder Tornar and took pictures with people in the street, where they had written on our whiteboards what they believe about Jesus Christ. It was a really fun night and we met lots of great people! We're going to post the pictures to our Facebook page, and we've added a few of the people as friends on Facebook too!"

The picture project is now online as part of an album called 1000martyries HERE and the aim is to collect 1000 pictures, build bridges with other Christians and open opportunities to talk.

Elder Peel and Elder Teals whiteboard thoughts about Jesus.

Elder Teal has a new assignment as the "Social Media Web Developer" for Greece. He has been liaising with church headquarters and is now the admin for a new official LDS Facebook page. The plan is to get other missionaries online as quickly as possible, but they are currently ensuring all plans will be rolled out in accordance with General mission social media guidelines.
Click on the picture below to visit the new Facebook page. It will no doubt take a while to gain prominence. If you have friends that speak Greek or have Greek connections please share this page with them.

In other news

"It's been a great week, and the weather is amazing. The weather is so nice here, so bright and sunny! It would be nice to see some snow though, I like that too!"

"Today we're going to go into the centre of town so that I can get some photos printed and pick up a couple of bits and pieces. And I'm going to try and write you a letter this afternoon too. It might not be that long but I haven't written for ages and I want to do better with that!"

"We have a new friend who is keen to learn, and she really enjoyed church yesterday!" 

"In the evening we had an appointment at the home of a university professor who has had a good relationship with the church for a long time. He likes the church and wants to see it grow in Greece and wants to help us make that happen. We had a really good discussion with him and with his friend when he arrived, who has studied at Manchester university. They were both really nice guys and I think we will be able to work well with them to help the church grow here in Greece. "

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