23 Feb 2015

Week 30 Thessaloniki

"The highlight would possibly be yesterday's branch conference, we had 5 great talks! President Freestone talked about how Paul established the church here in Thessaloniki, and how there are still faithful saints here today, which is so true. It's strange to think that really we're not trying to build up the church here, we're trying to rebuild it!"

"We had two lessons this week, out of a scheduled, well, a lot more. It was really good to have those two though and they were both really good lessons, One was with the lawyer with whom I had a lesson when I was here with Elder Lyttel, who you may remember from last time. After 8 years of contact with the missionaries he finally has a baptismal date! The difficulty is that he is scared what his peers will think of him if he is baptised into another church, and he worries that people will use it against him (he is a lawyer), as his reputation is important. He tried to come to church yesterday and spent an hour and half trying to find the church (he's 83 years old). He rang us this morning very apologetic as he had said he would come and didn't, and didn't want us to think that he had lied to us. He is very keen to have another lesson this week, which is great."

"The  Book of Mormon and modern revelation support the Bible"

"I'm really loving studying the life of the Saviour in personal study though. I've started studying from the Bible in the Greek now that I can understand it, and I really love it. I've been using Jesus the Christ as a study manual, following along the story with the two, and I love it!

We have the My Family booklet in Greek as well, we are still trying to come up with ways to use it effectively in missionary work. I wonder, would you be able to send me some small pictures to stick in on each of the pages for the different people? If you have time that is!
I'm glad you had the chance to go to the temple with "Auntie Lizzy" 

It was so good when I was in the MTC and we had the chance to go to the temple every week, I miss it a lot! I plan to go as often as I can when I get back, I certainly won't take it for granted after seeing how difficult it is for the members here to go!"

"Church was really good, we had branch conference, so the Freestones and Everitts were here. I did so much translating that by the end of church I struggled to have a conversation in English with Sisters West and Everitt, it was very strange. In my mind I was still trying to translate, even though it wasn't necessary." From Journal entries we learnt that at church, Elder Teal translated the English Speakers and teachers into Greek and the Greek speakers and teacher into English. 

Elder Teal pointed out that they are mentioned in the picture section of the Bible  
"Missionaries were sent from Athens to other parts of Greece"

The cooking seems to be going well.. Pancake day was celebrate and the French skills of Elder Teals companion, at making and tossing crepes was very useful

Homemade cottage pie, made, eaten and washed up in the allotted 1 hour meal break

"I love you all, and I'm so grateful for your love and support! Have an amazing week! Elder Teal"

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