9 Feb 2015

Week 28 Thessaloniki BIRTHDAY!

                          Elder Teal was 19 on the 3rd  February 2015
Elder Teal celebrated his Birthday on Tuesday in Thessaloniki, by ordering a delivery takeaway for lunch and a meal out in the evening. Then on Wednesday having only been back in Thess for just over a week, he flew back to Athens, with the rest of his District for a 3 day stay and Zone Conference. His return flight from Zone Conference brings his total flights on this rout to NINE. He will be getting to know the flight crew by now.

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"I'm great! It's snowing here, it's crazy! My birthday was great, I got the parcel from the office when I went down to Athens, thanks so much! On the actual day of, we had food delivery for lunch and went to a restaurant for tea, it was great! I also had a really nice parcel from Auntie Steph, with pasta 'n' sauce, as well as some nice letters. Please say thank you to her!"

Birthday delivery Lunch 


The parcel referred to was one we had shipped for his birthday, it contained things he had missed, like brown sauce and gravy granules and some other fun goodies.

"Unfortunately I had to leave the HP sauce in my box in the office, as it was over the 100ml carry-on limit, but I have the gravy granules! Yeah I'll use it then, it will still be in date next transfer, or I might ask someone to bring it up when they come in the car."


"Zone conference was really good as usual, and yeah those glasses were really strange! All of the people who have birthday's for the month have to go up and have pictures with silly glasses, and they sing Happy birthday in Greek. This month it was Elder Dastrup, Sister McKenna and myself. We learnt a lot about contacting and finding, and also watched a really good video called Scripture Legacy in the hour of scripture study with Sister Freestone"

Selfie-Stick (sent in our package to him)


"Selfie-stick! Haha it was a bit strange, but we had a lot of fun with it in the end. Sister McKenna was way jealous when she saw it haha! I enjoyed reading the blog entry you sent, it was interesting to see what all the fuss is about! It's great how you do links the talks and scriptures I mention!"

Greece Zone 
"Yeah we had 3 or 4 days in Athens so not a lot of time here, but we managed to do some finding in Athens, and in two hours on the evening of ZC, we gave out 9 books and took 7 names between the two of us, the most successful finding session of my mission by far! We used a few new things we've been trying, by trying to get into normal conversations rather than just showing the gospel into people's faces right away. The highlight this week was probably the two hours of finding we did the evening of Zone Conference"

Birthday evening meal out

Each week Elder Teal sends us pictures of each days journal entries for us to read
Here are a couple of extracts:

"We continued with street contacting until we had given out all the Greek copies of the Book of Mormon that we had with us. At that point we were a Frenchman and an Englishman in Greece carrying copies of the Book of Mormon in Albanian and Russian"

"Zone Conference: Elder Torner and I were asked to demonstrate a street contacting situation. It went really well and showed how it doesn't need to be complicated and awkward. We can just start a normal conversation with people and talk about the gospel as we do it."

"We had success talking to people in the street though which was good. I've learnt to be persistent and ask for someones number 2 or 3 times during the conversation, even if they say no at first. I told my companion that everyone wants this message, we just have to help them remember that they want it"

"I translated in Sacrament, Priesthood and Sunday School, but this week President Tinto wanted to make sure I had a chair in the lessons so I wasn't on my feet translating all day. Its quite tiring having to listen in one language and speak in another, and its still a very strange feeling...I'm starting to find that it takes more effort to word things when I speak English whereas wording for Greek just comes naturally now."

"Elders Leppard and Johonsson are such funny guys and we get along really well, especially with Elder Torner there as well saying things in in his really strong French accent, he's hilarious. As we traveled Elder Leppard and I sang English songs that the other 2 didnt know, and I also sang the Swedish pop song that I learnt from Elder Lyttel. Elder Johonsson said I have a really good accent in Swedish, which is surprising because I learnt it form a Scottish man"

Okay everyone I need to get going now, sorry if there are still any unanswered questions, you'll probably find the answers in my journal though.

Have an amazing week, I love you all!

Elder Teal xxxxxx

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