2 Feb 2015

Week 27 Thessaloniki

"It's been a great week! I'm sorry I don't have any photos apart from my journal, but I'll take lots this week so you can get up to speed! Crazy you had more snow! I's getting warmer here now and it's quite nice today, which is great!
We've had a bit of rain though which makes street contacting difficult, but to be honest we havent't done that much this week as we we were super busy! We had 4 lessons and quite a few other appointments that unfortunately fell through, but we still had the opportunity to receive a lot of names and give out loads of books, it's been the most successful (in terms of numbers) week of my mission so far!
I've had so many emails with people telling me what's been going on, so I can't reply to every individual thing that's happened, but thanks for keeping me updated, and it seems like it's been a great week! Do you have any questions? no list this week haha? :P"

How is your new companion and life in Thess?
"We get along great! We speak greek all of the time apart from half an hour each day when we have English SYL (Speak Your Language), and it's so funny as he tries to do a British accent, and it's just hilarious. Apart from that we can communicate well, when he doesn't know a word in Greek or English, I can often remember it in French, and we get by fine! He's so great, humble and willing to learn, but at the same time energetic and wants to get the work done...we get along great, we're laughing all the time, and we're having a lot of success."

Elder Tornar is Elder Teals new companion, he is from an area of France outside Paris and is on the far right of this picture. The picture was taken before he left the MTC.
Elder Tornar has now completed 4 weeks in the mission field. As well as having time each day to learn Greek, missionaries are given time to learn English too. The church is global and post mission it is helpful to be able to speak English. 

"Yesterday we went to Brother Todi's house for lunch after church, it's so good to see him again!
The members were quite surprised, people hardly ever go back to Thess, some stay for two transfers (rarely), but to actually go back fully is unusual. It was so good to see them!" 

Coming week?
"We go to Athens on Wednesday, for Zone Conference, and fly back Saturday morning, so in the remaining time whilst we're here in Thess we're going to be very busy! We have a new investigator called S, who has such a sad life story and is in a very difficult situation, but is willing to learn and accepted a baptismal date which was fantastic. Unfortunately he wasn't able to come to church yesterday as he was ill however."

Probably because its Elder Teals birthday tomorrow (3/02/15) he had lots of emails to read today, Thank you to everyone that sent him a message, he apologises
 for not being able to reply to everyone in his allotted hour. It also means we don't have as much as usual to share. However every week he sends pictures of his daily journal, we don't usually include any of that in his blog but this week we have picked a couple of things to share

"We had curry and rice for lunch and I discovered that the rice we bought is actually the sort you use to make dessert like rice pudding! It doesn't matter though, it still tastes good!"

"I had a nice conversation with an old man. I asked him how was my accent, and he told me 'There are Greeks who speak worse' which I was very happy about."

"We had pasta for lunch and it was really good, it was a recipe I've not tried before using cooking cream. (Not a real written recipe, a word-of-mouth missionary recipe), that I think started from the home of Elder Dickenson and has been changed a few times by the different people that have cooked it"

In other news his friends in Cyprus have been singing ...

Finally we always intended making this blog into a hard copy for Elder Teal to keep. So to celebrate his 6 month anniversary we have created the first of 4 books that has been published an ordered..

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