30 Nov 2015

Week 70

"I'm doing great, it was an exciting week!"

"We had a trip to Corinth and Nafplio again, this time with Elder and Sister Doxey, who are relatives of the Heders. Then on Saturday we had a Thanksgiving meal and games at the mission home, which was really nice."

How's life with Elder Peel?
"It's going well! We get along really well as you know so we're having a great time serving together. We're also helping each other a lot to learn words, and our Greek is getting better and better!"

"We've not had much chance to get out really, but last night we did and it was great. We talked to a really nice lady in the street, and also visited a couple of addresses that we had. We have a lesson scheduled for tonight so we're looking forward to that as well!"

How are the new missionaries doing?
"Yeah they're all doing really well, they're a really good group of missionaries. And it's good to have so many of them here in Athens. Every companionship here is training apart from ourselves and one other, and it creates a really nice atmosphere in the zone.

In the mission we have about 40 missionaries now which is the biggest that the mission has been since I arrived, and it's great. Here in Athens we have 18, 6 in Thessaloniki, and the rest are over in Cyprus"

You might need to be a frequent user of Instagram to appreciate the humour above!

( A couple of friends have commented on the casual foot ware in recent pictures. When they visit places like Nafplio and Corinth they are advised to wear shoes that are suitable for the terrain)

Selected sections from this weeks journals

"In sacrament meeting I gave my talk. I hadn't really written anything down apart from a few scriptures and I ended up talking about a few different things, focussing on how we can share the gospel with our friends through our example and our love for them."

"We attended the 2nd branch and the meeting was really good. Elder Peel gave a beautiful blessing in the confirmation of M who was baptised yesterday. I always feel like the hymns are really powerful when I sing them in the 2nd branch, I think because it's really the only time I sing them in English in a congregation." 

"Me and Elder Peel talked about our goals. As were are good friends we are really honest with each other which means we know where we're doing well and where there's room for improvement. We got some good goals written down, and now need to get to work on making them happen." 

"We had a meeting with Elder Doxey. It was a great meeting and we learnt a lot from him. He is a very intelligent man and a powerful speaker. He spoke about the need to simplify the gospel and remember the important things and lots of other things that have application to our work." 

"I'm grateful to be serving with Elder Peel and how we can discuss how to help the other missionaries." 

"Later on in the evening we went out to make some visits. We had a really nice conversation with a lady in the street who was walking her dog. Her dog was 18 years old! She said she's been trying to learn English and the conversation was very natural and not like we were accosting her in the street like it often feels. She said she'd call us. 
It was good to be out doing 'normal missionary work' and Elder Peel and I worked well together." 

"I'm grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who helps us when we need it." 

President and Sister Heder had the Athens missionaries over for Thanksgiving!

Sister Heder (aka worlds greatest Mission Mom)

We had so many pictures this week it was hard to choose which to use, 
but you can see the rest by clicking 

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