23 Nov 2015

Week 69

 Visit to the Mission by Elder Ballard and Elder Kearon

"I really like how outspoken and normal Elder Ballard seemed. You know how after the broadcast he just said "I'm too tired to shake all your hands"? He was like that all the time. No pomp or snobbishness, he was just there to get something done and wanted to see the missionaries whilst he was here. He simply told us to talk to more people, and then we'll be able to baptise more people. He had a referral from a worker at the hotel where he was staying and said that if he could stay for a few weeks and teach him we'd get him baptised, and we need to do that! 
It was a great meeting and we really enjoyed it."

Visit to Cyprus with The Heders for Zone Conference and District Conference.

Meeting Elder Dixon and Robin who was baptised in Week 60

Cyprus Camel Park


"We went to the camel park whilst we were in Cyprus with the Heders. We had P-Day (Saturday) with them whilst we were there as we hadn't had one all week. Our particular camel got extremely worked up whilst we were on it and started running around like crazy. The worst part of it was that the guide leading the camel looked extremely scared, and the camel was practically dragging him on the floor. I was pretty certain that I was going to die. The guide smacked the camel in the face and it got more angry, but then eventually calmed down. 

I don't want to ride a camel again."

This weeks blog is a bit of a mix of week 68 and 69. Emails were a bit limited last week due to the extensive traveling and meeting schedule. So the pictures are from various points over the last 10 days. From journals we have read that Elder Teal has been busy involved in ...
Sorting the logistics of transfers that happened on Monday. Moving furniture between opening and closing apartments. Translating at the Cyprus District Conference. Meetings and training's in 2 zones in two countries. Mission Leadership from Cyprus, with Athens and Thessaloniki Mission leaders participating via Skype. All of these attended by Elder Charles of the Quorum of the Seventy Then Training the newly arrived missionaries and their trainers.

Of the new missionaries he wrote "They were all tired when they arrived but still very excited to be here.. They are all doing really well with the language and we helped them with a few questions."
"We need to have these new missionaries that are coming out become leaders very soon. The average time-out of the missionaries here is less than a year, which is very unusual and means we will have to have quite new leaders very soon."

Elder Peel and Elder Peel !

Preparing to pick Elder Ballard up from the Airport

 Visit to an old Greek Orthadox church in Kiti (Cyprus) with the Heder family

Elder Teal always finishes his daily journal entries with at least one thing he is thankful for. Which is not a bad way to conclude anything. So today we are thankful for emails from Elder Teal. The strength Elder Peel gives our son and the great love President and Sister Heder have for their missionaries.

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