30 Dec 2014

Week 22 Athens

It's transfer day and Elder Teal has moved from Thessaloniki to Athens. He is clocking up his air miles, Last week he flew to from Thess to Athens for Zone Conference and this week he has flown back to Athens again, but this time to stay for at least the next 12 weeks.

"...because Elder Lyttel is training one of the new missionaries I've been here in Athens with Elder Potter for the last couple of days (his old companion Elder Johansson is training as well). After tomorrow I will be in my new area, which is Ilion here in Athens. I'll be with Elder Seluhins (he's from Latvia and he only has about a month left), and I'll be the District Leader in the Greek branch! I'm really happy, I think I'm going to love it!"

In my new district there are 6 elders, 2 sisters and 2 couples, so it;s a lot bigger! And you'll never guess who the 2 sisters are.. Sister Indelicato and Sister McKenna! They're staying together but moving to Athens. and Sister McKenna will be the Sister Training Leader. I also have the Zone Leader in my District, Elder Morgan (he's from Chorley, we get on really well) 

Elder Seluhins "...speaks quite good English actually, but his first language is Russian. I'm glad to be with a companion who's first language isn't English because it will be even easier for us to do SYL (Speak Your Language), which is the mission rule of always speaking Greek to the other missionaries"

Christmas was great, and I really enjoyed Skyping you all! It's seemed like such a long week because of everything we've done, I've had 3 plane journeys! The activities we had with all the missionaries in Athens just before Christmas were really fun as well, we had a great time. 

And I'm excited to be back here in Athens! Yesterday we went up to Mars Hill with the new missionaries. It was really good, and it's so strange that it was 3 months ago already that we were up there for the first time!

Mars Hill
P-Day visit to the Parthenon 

Some of P-Day was spent visiting some historic sites with Elder Potter



The Parthenon Completed 438BC


Old Temple of Athena
Odeon of Herodes Atticus Built 161AD
Fun at Zone Conference



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Geneva Smith said...

I just loved reading about the Greece mission - we miss all the locals and the young missionaries we had there. I know things have changed a lot, but this brings back so many memories; Mars Hill being at the top of the list.

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