26 Dec 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Skype.. We love you !

Along with thousands of other missionaries around the world, Elder Teal called home via Skype on Christmas Day. We had 45 minutes of chat. It was good to hear his voice and see how happy he is.

It was a little strange that he had to think about speaking in English. Mission guidelines are that they all speak to each other in Greek, Occasionally Elder Teal would turn to one of the 3 other missionaries off camera, in the apartment with him and chatter away in Greek. Then turn back and have to correct himself into English to talk to us.

Here are a couple of clips we recorded from the call.. Firstly when we asked him to speak Greek to us and he started singing with Elder Lyttel. Then a couple of things he found funny. Finally he recited Joseph Smiths First Vision to us, The other 3 missionaries couldn't help joining in something they new so well and shared so often ! 

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