15 Dec 2014

Week 20 Thessaloniki

Elder Teal in his new coat with Sister Tripi
Another week has passed and has seen some changes. Sister Tripi has now finished her mission and gone home. She has been replaced by Sister Mckenna.
Although Irish, Sister McKenna went to University in Manchester and attended about 3 years of Institute classes that I taught. In fact one of my few achievements in class, was to prove that eating 3 olives in a row makes you like them. It worked on Sister Mckenna anyway, which I am sure she is glad of now in Greece! 
The other change is Elder Teal's new assignment to serve as the Thessaloniki District Leader. Elder Lyttel has obviously trained him well and continues to train him in his new role. The District Leader is responsible for the other missionaries in the "district" or geographical area. In this case it's basically all Northern Greece, but just 2 Elders, 2 Sisters and a Senior couple.

There have been some unusual highlights in the form of food.

"Oh and beans and toast, woooo! They don't sell beans in Lidl which is the only place close enough to do shopping, but the ones in our emergency storage were going out of date and need replacing, so we got to eat the old ones! " Who would have thought beans could be such a luxury?

It seems that the second batch of home made Haggis was not quite as good

"Mark 2, we've had it twice altogether now. The second wasn't as nice as the first, maybe because the hearts and livers have been in the freezer for a while now! I don't think we'll have it again haha."

"I have only played the piano at church the two times, when Sister Tripi wasn't available, and now that Sister McKenna is here she will do it as she can actually play the piano properly! 
I will still be able to email next week because we don't leave for Athens until the afternoon, so don't worry! I asked the Wests about Skype, and they said we can do it whenever, when is best for you?  
I think the Everitts will be bringing up some of the packages when they come to talk in church on Sunday (President Everitt is on the mission presidency), so it should be fine when we come back on the plane as we won't have a lot of stuff still there. Our investigators.. well.. G isn't doing too great, he's still struggling with the word of wisdom and law of chastity, and doesn't seem to have a real desire to change. This week is going to be make or break, if he doesn't start keeping commitments we will have to move on. B is doing well, still really wants to find the truth but is still very rooted in the Bible. A really nice guy though, we just need to get him to find his answer!

"Studying for B. scriptures in English and Greek, institute manual, True to the Faith, his questions on a sheet of paper And a dictionary! We teach him in English but it's really useful to use the Greek scriptures to find meaning lost in the English translation"

Scripture Thoughts... 

And it came to pass that he spake unto Nephi (for Nephi was among the multitude) and he commanded him that he should come forth.3 Nephi  11:18

"That is a good scripture, I really like how Jesus goes on to ask why they didn't include some of the prophecies of Samuel the Lamanite, then causes them to be written. The Saviour is literally the editor of the Book of Mormon, and obviously cared enough about what it contains to read it and check carefully that everything was there that needed to be" 

And it came to pass that I, Nephi, being exceedingly young, nevertheless being large in stature, and also having great desires to know of the mysteries of God, wherefore, I did cry unto the Lord; and behold he did visit me, and did soften my heart that I did believe all the words which had been spoken by my father; wherefore, I did not rebel against him like unto my brothers.1 Nephi 2:16

"And I love how Nephi shows the difference between him and Laman and Lemuel, that he was willing to humble himself and ask. Then Sam demonstrates one of the other gifts of the spirit by believing the testimony of another person (his brother). it shows how we all receive our answers in different ways. The whole Book of Mormon is full of fathers teaching their sons, I found so much when I read through with that topic. "

"Favourite scripture, I dont know the exact reference but it's from the end of Jacob, when he says how they lived out their lives like a dream, as a lonesome and solemn people. It really highlights how his whole life was full of affliction (he was born in the wilderness, and his later years he spent trying to keep his extended family faithful and at war with his cousins) and yet he was still always faithful."

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