4 Jul 2016

Week One Hundred and One - New Badges -Thessloniki

New Badges

We ordered badges for my MTC group and Elder Mead as we will be leaving soon. We're wearing them to see what peoples reactions will be, and if there's no problem we'll be ordering them for all the missionaries :)
The other one was the English word "Elder" written in Greek characters, this one is the actual Greek word for Elder. It's been good so far. And yeah, now they can actually know what it means! What we had before was as meaningful to them as this would be to you: "PRESBYTEROS TIL"

It's been such a good week! We had lots of lessons and two new friends to teach. We also have a new baptismal date for August 13th with a lady from South Africa who is so nice, and so ready to learn.
It's exciting stuff! I'm excited to be able to leave an area in great shape!
The two people we had dated for July are not ready yet and it looks like they'll need more time. 

The Branch had a Baptism!

The baptism was great, A. was so ready to be baptised and is such a good example of the happiness that people can have when they find the gospel in their lives. She will be a strong support to the branch I think. I've seen in my mission that Albanians are such nice, open people, I feel like I know their culture well without ever going to the country! I can also have a basic conversation in Albanian, which I think will be a life skill which will help me go far :P

I'm genuinely worried about the heat (or lack of) when I get home haha, but I'm sure it will be fine, I'll just have to wear a jumper until I get used to it :P

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