21 Jul 2016

Week 103

"We saw Elder Peel and Elder Gore on Friday for training that they did for the district here, and then again on Saturday when we all had a meal together at Brother Todi's house. It was nice to see them, and they did a good training meeting."


"We set off to meet a man called P that we had met on the street on Friday. He Was at the place we had scheduled to meet exactly on time which was impressive and we went to a nearby area with benches to sit and chat. He had known missionaries years aboard had attended church several times then had lost contact. He's very motivated to learn more and we had a lesson about The Restoration which went really well. We invited him to be baptised and he accepted so we set a baptismal date for August 27th. We then went straight from there to Js house (which is a stones throw away from where we were sitting) and had a lesson with him about The Plan of Salvation after reading from Mosiah 18 together. Again it was a really good lesson, he understood well and had great questions. After that we had half an hour left in the day so we went to a door that I had seen whilst we had a lesson the other day and it was across the street from where we had the lesson with P today. We got in and had a really good first meeting with a man called P and his young family. He has also known missionaries before. We had a really good chat  where we read from the Book of Mormon and quoted from the New Testament which impressed him. It was amazing to have 3 lessons in one evening and all 3 in a 100m radius, it was like being a missionary in Brazil! I'm grateful for the amazing evening that we had today." 

"As we got on the bus a lady called me over to sit with her and said I had talked to her last Saturday on a different bus. At first I couldn't remember her but as we chatted I remembered. She said she had read the pamphlet I gave her and in her house she had found a copy of The Book of Mormon that she doesn't remember how she got. She had some questions and was interested to learn more and said that she thinks it's not  a coincidence that she met us on the bus two Saturday's in a row. I got her phone number and she said she'd like to come to church at some point. It was nice to have a confirmation that the short conversations we have with people on the bus actually make an impression on them." 

"One of the most important things I've learnt during my mission is how accessible God really is to us, and how much he listens and cares when we pray, and how he is willing and ready to grant us our righteous desires." 

Quick flight back to Athens for a final Eye check up..
(As a follow up to Eye surgery posted HERE)

"Elder Dastrup came with me to the eye clinic and it was nice to chat with him about his plans for after his mission and how his last few weeks are going. At the clinic they did some measurements then a vision test and I saw the doctor briefly. Everything was fine, he said the problem has been completely fixed and will never be an issue again and said it would be nice to see me again in a years time. He said that if possible it would be good for me to go in a years time for another check-up, but when I said I'd be in England, he said if it's difficult to get there I can have a topography exam in England and send them the results to have a look at. We'll see what we end up doing, there's no rush, and the results are more just for their records as it's still an experimental procedure and they're building up a record bank."

"I've really learnt the value of interviews during my mission, I've always enjoyed them with both mission presidents. They can be really uplifting, and it's nice to know that someone is receiving revelation specifically to help you!"

Elder Reed

On week today, Elder Teals missionary service will come to an end. He will fly to London with Elders Deighton, Dixon and Peel. From there he will then get a transfer flight alone to Manchester where we will meet him.

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John Deighton said...

That flight home will be so special for these boys who return now as men, full of wisdom and experiences to last eternity, a bond of brotherhood they'll cherish forever.

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