21 Dec 2015

Week 73

"It's been a good week! As you saw we were over in Cyprus for a couple of days for the zone conference over there. We got to see Panayiotis, as well as Robin and Edward, which was really nice. Unfortunately we didn't get to see Pavlos."

"The zone conference was really good, probably the best one I've been to since I started in the mission. We had training from Sister Heder, from Elder Peel and me, and from President Heder. We also had some really funny role-plays where Elder Peel and I were investigators with ridiculous questions, and the missionaries had to teach us the first lesson. Each companionship took a small section of the lesson and each had to get back to the topic as we tried to get it as off-topic as possible. It was a lot of fun."

"We had a Christmas Concert here in Athens which was great, we sang carols and had readings from the scriptures. Starting on Christmas Eve we will have a full week of Christmas activities with the missionaries, and we're really excited for it! It's taking a lot of preparation, but I think it will be worth it."

"I had an email from Sister Mckenna where she's sitting in my old room! It was nice to hear from her, I'm glad she's doing well! And I think she would actually die laughing if she was here with Elder Peel and me as assistants!" (Sister Mckenna stayed at our home on a whistle stop visit to the Preston Temple from Ireland)

"Please tell people thank you for the money, I'm sure that will be more than enough for some nice sunglasses."   Elder Teal is buying a good pair of UV sunglasses to protect his eyes after his operation

"At zone conference Elder Peel and I gave our training. We talked about faith and prayer and how we can seek and ask for our righteous desires and have them granted. We also talked about how we have to be specific with our prayers and with our faith."

We think Elder Teal and Elder Peel make a lovely couple :)

"In Cyprus, it was good to see Panayiotis and Georgia and catch up with how things are going in Larnaca. I also saw Robin and Edward at institute who are both doing really well and it was good to see them. I've missed being in Larnaca!"

"In Priesthood at church, we had a lesson about stakes. It was the best lesson I've ever been in about stakes taught by a man who's never stepped foot in one. It made me realise that I took a lot of the organisation of the church for granted when I was at home."

"We had a really good lesson with A where we talked about the Book of Mormon and about how it has importance in our lives. Elder Peel and I teach really well together and we were able to ask lots of questions that helped him to realise what he needs to do to get to where he wants to be. It was the first time I've quoted Yoda in a lesson as when he said he'll try to come to church next week, I said 'do or do not, there is no try' He got the reference and we laughed." 

Not really sure what these two pictures of Elder Teal and Peel are all about, it just said "a couple of us inspecting the broken window at the chapel" we can only assume they were organising a replacement?

"We also have a service project this evening, all of the missionaries will be coming to the old people's home next to the mission office and we will sing some carols and do readings from the Bible for them!"

In an email I asked about a specific missionary rule, and the missions policy on it, to which I got this quite profound reply.

"... that's why it's so important that we don't make rules! And also, if someone asks if they are or are not allowed to do something, for months now (since I was zone leader in Cyprus), I've never told them they can or can't do it, I've just referred them to the section in the handbook and told them to make a decision. There's a reason that the handbook is given to every missionary and not just to leaders. I think a big part of serving a mission should be learning to be accountable to yourself and to the Lord without having leaders checking your every move."

Finally a caption competition !!

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