9 Dec 2015

Week 71

Thoughts on the planned Surgery

"I'm feeling good about it all really. I did a load of research last night about it, and generally everything seems to be positive. There are of course some cases where the outcome wasn't 100% ideal, (I mean, perfect vision at the end), but my vision really isn't bad at the minute, and any level of improvement will be more than satisfactory. I'd be more worried about the problem getting worse, which doesn't seem to have happened to anyone that I've read about. I did see one thing that talked about "significant pain" the first night after the surgery, but I'm sure I'll be able to handle it.

Yeah I watched that video, where the guy was really happy with how it went. Something I read about too is that it can take a while for vision to come back fully and to get better than it was before the surgery. I had seen that the recovery time was 1-2 weeks and assumed that meant for vision as well, but I think that that means for the eye to heal from the surgery, and then vision comes back over the next month or so after that. But again, because my vision is still so good now before the surgery I'm pretty sure it won't be too long before it's absolutely fine.
Mum, do you remember whenever we would see a TV advert about laser eye surgery and I would ask you if you would ever consider having it? I never imagine that I'd be having it at some point
I'll buy some nice sunglasses, I was thinking the same thinking about wearing them after the surgery."

"Something I've thought about, about church paying for the treatment. I think it's easier to consecrate something when you know it's literally been paid for with consecrated funds. I will literally, financially owe my vision to the Lord!"

"I'll let you know how it feels. From what I've read you don't feel much at all during the surgery, it's just like having a light shone in your eyes. The thing I'm most worried about is blinking accidentally, but I'm sure they've probably thought of that and there's something to keep your eye open."


"The rest of the week has been good, we had a lesson and also had an investigator at church!

Our lesson was with a former investigator called A. He's a really nice guy and seems to have a lot of interest....it was so nice to have a lesson, we really enjoyed it."

"The investigator at church is a crazy story! I got a phone call earlier in the week from Elder Szvoboda who's currently serving in Sepolia. He said he'd met a guy in the street who knows me and requested that his phone number be given to me. Do you remember in Larnaca (Cyprus) when we had the investigator called At.. who came out into the sea to see Pavlos' baptism up close? "

"Well now he lives here in Athens, and chanced across the missionaries in the street. I called him Saturday night and he was so happy to hear from me. He came to church on Sunday, and seemed to enjoy it. It turns out that he lives a couple of doors down from the Elders in Sepolia now. It's a small world!"

"I have studied my patriarchal blessing this week yeah, and I found a lot in there that I hadn't picked up on before. I think as time passes I'll find even more things that will be of importance, and I'm looking forward to it!"

President Heder and Elder Teal

As a Missionary Dad I had never given much thought prior to him leaving, as to what I would write. Here is a typical email segment and reply from this week.

"With all our thoughts at home about your health it has become easy to lose sight of your focus.
As I have been pondering that this afternoon I have felt to give encouragement to speak to EVERYONE you meet. You know when your work in this life is done , when you are released from it to the next. Likewise in a mission , your work is not complete until  you are released. Over the last two weeks, we worried you would have to come home. But you have been given the opportunity to stay, there must be a reason, along with things to do, there is someone to find!
We are very proud of you. Your service is blessing our lives as much as yours , thank you"

"This is something that I have been thinking about too. I don't want to allow myself to become comfortable with not being  a "normal missionary", and it's something I've tried to avoid since coming into the office. And I definitely want to do better with talking to everyone. It's something Elder Ballard talked to us about when he was here, and how we should aim to talk to at least 10 people every day outside of normal proselyting activities. Thank you for the reminder, something I've really enjoyed seeing during my mission is how the Lord gives the same guidance to everyone at once, in order for His work to move forward."


Project 220 said...

So, I've been following this blog for a little bit now and it's great to see pictures and stories from a place that's dear to my heart. I served in Greece from 97-99 and it seems like lots has changed. A couple of questions:

The branch in Pireas? is that closed now?

Also, in my first area (Kato Petralona) my companion and I taught this family. Their names are Kostas and Stella and at the time they had a little boy. For some reason, their family always comes to mind. Can you see if the Elders can track them down? I would love to hear if they ever joined the Church and if not, maybe they would be interested again.

Thanks for the help. Keep posting.

Ragnar Hartzheim
Houston, TX

Duckie. said...

Hi There Elder Teal, just to let you know that when I had my Cataracts done after the initial injections before they started, I never felt a thing!.
I know its not the same type of operation but no doubt they use similar stuff to stop you blinking and have a nurse to hold your hand if you need to communicate with them during surgery.
Marjorie and I will be thinking of you on the day!.
G/Dad Teal.

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