1 Oct 2014

Week 9 MTC

This weeks MTC report is taken from letters only, as Elder Teals P-day was full of preparations to leave. Understandably we had very little in the way of emails this week. Each Friday the postman has delivered an envelope with a 2 sided A4 letter each this week was no exception. 
Rather than pick highlights I am just sharing the "Dear Dad" letter in its entirety, I think it sums up his feelings well. He is prepared and ready to go to serve in Greece. 

As parents we are really grateful for all those that have played a part in Elder Teals MTC training. I think he has literally had the time of his life, his life will never be the same and he has made life long friends.

Unexpectedly as parents, we to have made new friends through a Facebook group 

In particular we would like to thank Elder Peels family who have become good friends and we have communicated on a very regular basis ! We can see why Elder Teal and Elder Peel became good friends, our families are so alike.

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