24 Sep 2014

Week 8 MTC

Today is the Last Wednesday evening P-day Post, Next week Elder Teal will be on route to Athens. From then on P-day and emails will be Monday.

The MTC group fly together early Tuesday morning to from Manchester to London, then from London to Athens. Via Facebook we are friends with a Senior Missionary Couple, Elder and Sister Howells who have shared.

"They will arrive at 13:45 and be met at the airport by the Mission President and most of the senior couples. They will then be interviewed by the President and given their companions followed by 3 days of training and instruction. The missionaries here are prepared and eager. All is well."

Emails to Mum

"I'm great :) We went to the temple for the last time this week, it was really good, it's so strange that we won't be able to go again for 2 years!
Yesterday we had In-Field Orientation, which is normally the day before you leave but was a week before for us because we're the only MTC group that's here for an odd number of weeks :P It was really good, showed us how to deal with things like ward council and ward mission leaders, and how to set good goals and keep track of our progress and that of investigators. It was a long day but it was good to do something different!"

How was your trip to Manchester to practice Street contacting?
"Picadilly was so good! Our best finding experience by far, we just got over our fears and talked to people, and had some really good conversations! We also got details for a man named ****, who lives in Failsworth! We submitted his name for referral, but it's a slow process so it might be a while before the missionaries get it. Tell them to look out for it, and make sure that they go and see him! We talked to to art students who were drawing in the street for ages, about all sorts of things. We had a really good talk, and left them by bearing testimony of the Book of Mormon and leaving them with a copy each. One of them wanted me to write down my testimony in his skecth book, as he was supposed to record his experiences during the day, They seemed genuinely interested but we didnt get any details unfortunately because they lived in Hull> we told them to go on mormon.org if they want to find out more."

Did you get our Plan of Salvation Package?
"I did yeah, this morning! It was so good I loved it! For like 5 minutes I was surprised that there was a new product called Moonburst, I didnt realise you'd changed the packet :P the Plan of Salvation laminates are so good as well, I was really impressed by the translation, how did you do it? Usually they have the accents in the wrong places or the words aren't conjugated right, but they were perfect. They will be so useful in teaching, thank you so much!"

These are some pictures we took before sending it to Elder Teal... We laminated these representations of the Plan of Salvation and packed them with sweets that matched the theme. SUNny Raisins. MOONburst, and Milky STARS. A previous post we wrote explains the Plan of Salvation more fully HERE 

Plan of Salvation File

Emails to Dad

How is your Greek?
"It's been a really good week. My Greek continues to improve, I have a daily goal now to learn 50 new words each day, which is going really well for me!"

Favourite scripture this week?
"I'm really enjoying my reading of the New Testament. I don't know the references off the top of my head, but I really like Luke in particular. he includes a lot of parables that the others don't, and one I came across this week that I've never read before was that of Lazarus the beggar and Abraham."

How is it being a Zone leader to "non Greek" Speakers?
Being zone leaders for both zones is great, it means we got to know everyone in the last 2 week group as well as language missionaries." 

How is the MTC President?
"His office door is always open and every time we walk past we go in to have a chat. He's willing to answer any doctrinal questions we might have or just to talk about missionary life, he's great"

Letters Home

The Meeting referred to was the European Sisters live Broadcast click this link to watch

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