28 Jun 2016

Week ONE HUNDRED Thessloniki

View from the Elders apartment Window 

 "We didn't have that many lessons but we did have a lesson from door-knocking which was good, and also a good lesson with D, who is scheduled to be baptised on the 23rd. He couldn't make it to church as he had work, but things are looking good for his baptism. We also got the bus out to a suburban area the other day with big houses and it was nice to change our demographic a little bit.
The other elders here will have a baptism on Saturday which will be good too! Church was good as usual, we had lots of tourists there so the chapel was full. And the branch members are so friendly to people of other faiths, it's great."

View from the Elders apartment Window

!It's so hot now! And there's a lot of humidity here as we're next to the sea. Elder Reed described it well when he said it's like the air is sweating. I actually really like the heat, although it can get pretty uncomfortable on the bikes!"

"Elder Reed's great. We have so much fun together as we have similar senses of humour, and we have so many running jokes that we're laughing at constantly."

Elder Teal

"We have nice bikes here, nicer than the Cyprus ones. They're a bit smaller though and I think the frame is a bit small for me really. We've been using them as I don't have a monthly ticket as I got here too late in the month, but for July I'll buy a ticket and I don't think we'll use the bikes that much."

"I don't think many of my clothes from my mission will fit anymore, the stuff I have with me is all really small. Although that may be in part due to accidents with dryers :P"

Elder Reed flicking and elastic band

Note from Home

Its hard to believe that we have reached week ONE HUNDRED.  Only 4 more blog posts left to write before Elder Teal comes home, then we can retire from blogging. Each week Elder Teals mum and I compare emails and pool information, I write and then she edits and publishes. 
Blogging has been a fantastic way to feel involved in and also share, our sons missionary experiences. With the additional information posts, this week will be our 135th blog entry. 
Along with getting excited about Elder Teals return in 30 days, we are also looking forward to flying to Greece with him in September, to visit some of the people and places we have often wrote about.


John Deighton said...

Its been wonderful to read Elder Teal's blog too... has helped us create a wider picture of the Mission and their experiences as a whole. Likewise we're off to Cyprus end of Aug/early Sept to share in some of those experiences as we do a mini-tour also, prior to them getting settled into University life. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Brother & Sister Teal for keeping up this blog and blessing me with the opportunity to follow Elder Teal's dedicated service in my homeland! I will miss it when Elder Teal returns home but I am grateful for his and all the other missionaries service in Greece! I know that serving there is challenging and at times discouraging. I have my moments with my family in Greece myself. But I know they are planting the seeds for a glorious future for the gospel in Greece! One day elder Teal might return to be the mission president there so he better keep up his Greek that he learned so diligently! He speaks great from hearing his testimony on one of the posts! I hope you enjoy your stay in Greece and Cyprus when you go visit!
With gratitude and love,
Sis. Lena Assimidou Pressley
in Pensacola Florida

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